MMC at the summer industry meeting of the Film- und Medienstiftung NRW

Yesterday evening, more than 600 guests from film, media and politics accepted the invitation of the Film- und Medienstiftung NRW to the traditional summer industry get-together in Cologne's Wolkenburg. Among the guests were Jens Wolf, CEO of MMC Film- und TV Studios, and Bastie Griese, Managing Director of MMC Movies, who enjoyed a nice evening together with the crew around the upcoming feature film "Der Pfau".



The "peacock crew" at the summer industry get-together: Bastie Griese (CEO MMC Movies), Christoph Mathieu (author), Christina Bentlage (Film- und Medienstiftung NRW), Lutz Heineking jr. (director/eitelsonnenschein), Annette Frier, Jens Wolf (CEO MMC), Marco Gilles (eitelsonnenschein), Tobias Seiffert (Tobis).
Photo: Hojabr Riahi / Film- und Medienstiftung NRW