MMC Film & TV Studios welcome Bertelsmann representatives of severely disabled employees to special studio tour

MMC Studios welcomed the representatives of the severely disabled of the German part of Bertelsmann already on May 3, 2023 to a studio tour with some great surprises, which had been made possible by a meeting of the representatives at RTL. Among others, LET'S DANCE judge Jorge González took the opportunity to show the 75 or so people around the studio of "his" show in person for the grand finale of the tour.


Shortly after their arrival, the Bertelsmann employees had already met Sharon Sophie Berlinghoff and Timothy Boldt at the cult outdoor set of UNTER UNS. From ALLES WAS ZÄHLT, they were joined by their acting colleagues Suri Abbassi and Igor Dolgatschew. Before that, there were side trips to the AWZ interior sets and to the studio of DIE HÖHLE DER LÖWEN.



"A great afternoon with Bertelsmann colleagues".


MMC Managing Director Jens Wolf said: "We are happy to have spent a great afternoon with our colleagues from Bertelsmann. Inclusion is and remains a big topic that we take enormously seriously. Thanks to RTL Germany, Helikon Events, UFA Serial Drama, Seapoint Productions and Noisy Pictures for their support in the organization!"



"We are very pleased that support for the participation of people with disabilities plays a major role for Bertelsmann and RTL Germany and are grateful to MMC Film & TV Studios for inviting all representatives of people with disabilities from the German companies of the Bertelsmann Group to gain an insight into the diverse world of studio productions," said Anja Schierl, Executive Producer at RTL Television.



Bertelsmann Group Representative for the Disabled Gaby McNab added: "In addition to the theoretical knowledge we impart at the annual conference, the invitation from MMC Studios was a successful change of pace for everyone involved. The personal exchange with Jorge González was a highlight and showed us that our goal of equal participation has many facets. The existing accessibility on the premises as well as in the studios is also a positive example that inclusion can work."