Construction work completed: All charging points for e-mobility at Coloneum charging park now officially in operation

On the premises of the MMC Film and TV Studios in Cologne-Ossendorf, all 37 charging columns with 74 charging points are now fully available

Great joy among those responsible at MMC Film and TV Studios: this week, construction work on the total of 37 charging points was completed. From now on, all 74 charging points can be used by employees, tenants, visitors and the public. This makes the Coloneum charging park the largest public charging park in Cologne - MMC now provides over 7% of the public charging infrastructure in the cathedral city.

Sustainable, climate-friendly added value for employees, tenants and visitors
"We are very pleased that the service is now fully available. With this, we are consciously setting an example for more sustainability and climate protection and also creating a great added value for the employees, tenants and visitors of the Coloneum," comments Ilya Piontek, Managing Director and CFO of MMC Studios, on the commissioning of all charging columns. "We can already see from the user behavior in the first week that our offer has been excellently accepted. Employees and tenants, as well as numerous visitors to the shows and studio tours, are taking advantage of the opportunity to charge their vehicles with us. The ease of use also contributes to this - with us, all apps and customer cards can be used, but alternatively, entering credit card data is also sufficient."

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