MMC Movies Is Co-Producer Of True Crime Series "The Promise

New series project for MMC Movies: The Cologne-based company is on board as co-producer for "The Promise". The true-crime TV series revolves around the murders of Nancy and Derek Haysom in 1985.


The main producers are Cologne-based Elsani & Neary Media and France's Mediawan Rights. Showrunners for "The Promise" are Anita Elsani ("55 Steps") and Ron Markus ("Bad Banks"), who also serves as executive producer. Marcus Vetter, who previously directed "Killing for Love," a critically acclaimed documentary about the case, has been hired to work on the series. 


Here's what "The Promise" is about: "The Promise" will tell the story of Jens Soering, who served more than three decades in prison for the double murder of Nancy and Derek Haysom, the parents of his then-girlfriend Elizabeth Haysom. The latter was found guilty of orchestrating the murder and sentenced to 90 years in prison. Soering was recently deported to Germany and Haysom to Canada. To date, the gruesome double murder has not been fully solved, as new DNA evidence points to the presence of two unidentified men at the scene.