'Alarm for Cobra 11': New episodes from Thu., 20.08.20 at 20:15 on RTL

Starting today, RTL will show 6 new episodes of the action series 'Alarm for Cobra 11', which is being filmed by Action Concept at MMC Studios, among other locations.

At the start, there is a double episode. The new episodes are always available on TVNOW one week in advance.

The Cobra has shed its skin. Starting August 20, 2020, Germany's first and only action series will break completely new ground with six new episodes.

'Alarm für Cobra 11 - Die Autobahnpolizei' has the biggest relaunch in the 24-year history of the series receive: A new team, a new look, narrative diversity and multi-faceted characters!

All this embedded in contemporary themes: Never before have the stories about actor Erdoğan Atalay been so topical and in the here and now: How does his character Semir Gerkhan behave when he learns that his new partner is a racist?

Ten months after the events of fall 2019, Semir Gerkhan (Erdoğan Atalay) returns to the highway patrol. A lot has happened - especially to him! In Istanbul, the release of his mother from a Turkish prison brought him to his personal and moral limits. At the same time, life in Germany kept turning - the precinct changed and a new team took over. Suddenly, the "old guy" has become the new guy at the highway patrol. Semir has to stand his ground with his new colleagues.

But it's not just a new beginning for him: the investigative duo of 31-year-old police inspector Vicky Reisinger (Pia Stutzenstein) and young colleague Max Tauber (Nicolas Wolf) has been on duty for a few months when Semir joins them. How does the veteran police officer fit in? At first, not at all.

Due to a mistake, Max is transferred and Semir's experience is needed. He comes back to his old function. To the side of Vicky. Max comes to terms with his demotion by the new head of the highway patrol, Roman Kramer (Patrick Kalupa) - but only for a short time. Violent tensions are inevitable...

And also between the new partners Semir and Vicky it comes to the clash of two different characters and their personal stories. Vicky has a secret that soon makes Semir suspicious: What is the truth behind the rumors that accuse Vicky's old police unit in Dortmund of racist attitudes and racial profiling?

How should Semir behave toward her? Can he even work with her in a team? The revelations, in which Vicky's ex-boyfriend and colleague Marc (Christopher Patten) plays a key role, severely shake the highway patrol team...

Semir's only support on the beat? His daughter Dana (Gizem Emre)! But even the father-daughter relationship is not without conflict, because Dana realizes that Semir is keeping something from her about his time in Istanbul.

Racist tendencies within the police force, miscarriages of justice, and the testing of moral and legal boundaries are themes that run throughout the "Cobra 11" season.

But not only the big issues, but also the personal stories of Semir and Vicky feel real and present-day: The return of someone believed dead, an unhappy love affair and finding one's way in the new, modern world. But the cases are always exciting, tense, emotional and human.

With the new content orientation of 'Alarm für Cobra 11 - Die Autobahnpolizei', the series logo has also been given a new look and the prominent theme song has been given a modern setting.

Cobra 11' airs every Thursday at 8:15 p.m. on RTL. On August 20, RTL will show a double episode directly.

On TVNOW, the new episodes can always be seen a week in advance.

Photo: (from left) Roman Kramer (Patrick Kalupa), Marc Schaffrath (Christopher Patten), Vicky Reisinger (Pia Stutzenstein), Semir Gerkhan (Erdogan Atalay), Max Tauber (Nicolas Wolf), Dana Gerkhan (Gizem Emre). © TVNOW / Gordon Muehle / Axel Steinhanses