Theatrical release of "Gut gegen Nordwind

At September 12, 2019 Sony Pictures Entertainment is bringing out the MMC Studios filmed novel adaptation GOOD AGAINST NORTH WIND in the cinemas.

A twisted letter causes an e-mail from Emma Rothner to accidentally land with Leo Leike. The linguist replies promptly. They begin a quick, funny and increasingly intimate e-mail dialogue, the kind you can only have with a stranger.

A few weeks and many sent and received messages later, it becomes a virtual friendship. Leo and Emma initially decide to keep their connection purely digital as a little escape from everyday life - because Leo just can't get away from his ex-girlfriend Marlene and Emma is married to Bernhard and has two stepchildren. Nevertheless, the two confide their innermost feelings to each other and come closer and closer to each other on the fine line between total strangeness and non-committal intimacy. And that raises the question of whether they shouldn't meet face to face, because the butterflies that Leo and Emma now have in their stomachs every time their e-mail inbox announces a new message with a "pling" aren't just digital at all.

But can you really fall in love properly only through words? And will the sent, received and stored feelings of love withstand an encounter in reality? And what if they do?

The Main roles in the film based on the bestseller GUT GEGEN NORDWIND by Daniel Glattauer play Nora Tschirner as Emma and Alexander Fehling as Leo. At her side in this modern love story are Ulrich Thomsen as Emma's husband Bernhard, Ella Rumpf as Leo's sister Adrienne, Claudia Eisinger as his ex-girlfriend Marlene and Lisa Tomaschewsky as Clara. Vanessa Jopp directs. The screenplay was written by Jane Ainscough.

GUT GEGEN NORDWIND is a complicity film Production in co-production with Erfttal Film and Deutsche Columbia Pictures Filmproduktion distributed by Sony Pictures Entertainment. The film was supported by Film- und Medienstiftung NRW, Deutscher FilmFörderFonds (DFFF), FFA Filmförderungsanstalt, Medienboard Berlin-Brandenburg and Filmförderung Hamburg Schleswig-Holstein (FFHSH).

The Filming took place for the most part in NRW, including Bonn Bad-Godesberg, Düsseldorf, Cologne and Bornheim.

Photo: © 2019 Sony Pictures Entertainment Deutschland GmbH