The 35th season of "Alarm for Cobra 11" from September 12 on RTL

The among other things in the MMC Studios shot action series "Alarm for Cobra 11 - The Highway Patrol" goes on September 12 at 8:15 pm with ten brand-new episodes on RTL to the start. In the police highway department, whose interiors are filmed at MMC, big changes are in store for the 35th season.

Commissioner Paul Renner (Daniel Roesner) will leave the team - not only a drastic experience for him, but also the future of the entire highway patrol will change forever. In the end, nothing remains as it once was...

Season 35 marks the dawn of a new era: The Cobra is shedding its skin! After four years of service, Paul Renner leaves the highway patrol. And that doesn't just present Semir Gerkhan (Erdoğan Atalay) with a major challenge: the rest of the "Alarm for Cobra 11" family around boss Kim Krüger (Katja Woywood), department secretary Susanne König (Daniela Wutte) and co. are also confronted with difficult situations and have to make far-reaching decisions that lead to rifts within the team - and ultimately bring about major changes in the future...

The opening episode starts with a bang: Semir quits the highway patrol shortly before his 50th birthday. When a long lost friend turns up, he has to face his past and meets his mother again after 26 years.

And Paul, too, has to deal with agonizing questions: How much more time can he spend with his dementia-stricken father, Klaus Renner (Michael Brandner), before his condition continues to worsen? When Paul is suspected of murder, he realizes that it may already be too late for him to spend time with his father.

But the other team members of the highway patrol are also confronted with their fate. Each decision has serious consequences that will irreversibly change the face of the highway patrol.

Kim Krüger makes the wrong decision during an SEK raid - at least that's how Semir sees it. The two end up in a serious rift that puts a heavy strain on the team structure. Susanne König, on the other hand, the long-time secretary and the good spirit of the Criminal Investigation Department, manages a work-life balance less and less often. The single mother is forced to fundamentally rethink her priorities in life. Jenny Dorn (Katrin Heß) and Dana Gerkhan (Gizem Emre) also have to face life-threatening challenges that will not remain without consequences.

In the two-part season finale, events come to a head: An overpowering opponent pushes the highway patrol to its limits. The situation seems hopeless. After that, nothing will ever be the same again...

Other episode roles include Roman Knižka ("Dark," "Tatort"), Picco von Groote ("Passenger 23 - Lost on the High Seas," "Duel of the Brothers - The Story of Adidas and Puma"), Marc Ben Puch ("Jenny - echt gerecht!"), Alexander Held ("München Mord," "Tannbach"), Timur Ülker ("GZSZ"), Barbara Prakopenka ("Unter uns"), Sven Martinek ("Der Clown"), Paul Faßnacht ("Tatort") and Florian Frowein ("Wege zum Glück - Spuren im Sand"). Leonardo Nigro as Semir's brother Kemal Gerkhan and Michael Brandner as Paul's father Klaus can be seen in continuous guest roles. Also appearing are Pauletta Pollmann as Ayda and Emma Helm as Lily Gerkhan.

In the Opening Episode In the 35th season, fans can also look forward to a new big surprise look forward

"Alarm für Cobra 11 - Die Autobahnpolizei," 10 new episodes, starting Thu. Sept. 12, 8:15 p.m. on RTL.

The 1st episode is already available from the September 5 at TVNOW ready for retrieval.

Photo: Semir Gerkhan (Erdogan Atalay, l.) and Paul Renner (Daniel Roesner). © RTL / Gordon Mühle