Press release of Novum Capital: MMC Studios Köln GmbH sold to Novum Capital

As of June 25, 2019, Cologne-based film and TV studio operator MMC Studios Köln GmbH ("MMC") was sold by Luxembourg-based private equity fund Lenbach Equity Opportunities I. SCSp ("LEO I.") to Frankfurt-based private equity firm Novum Capital. 


The takeover of MMC (as well as other companies of the MMC Group), based in Cologne-Ossendorf, was carried out by an acquiring company, into which all shares of the Cologne-based outside broadcast specialist Crosscast are also to be incorporated. The merger will create new growth impulses on the basis of the strong existing studio business. This will strengthen MMC's market position as a leading service provider for moving image production. The existing business operations are to be expanded in the field of outside broadcasting in the future and the production site in Cologne is to be strengthened by innovative production technologies. From now on, the MMC management team will be supported by the Crosscast managing directors Jens Wolf and Hacik Kölcü.


Dr. Michael Schumann, Partner of Munich-based DUBAG Investment Advisory GmbH, which advised the LEO I. Fund as investment consultant exclusively on the acquisition and realignment of MMC over the past years; "We are pleased to place MMC, after an intensive and very successful repositioning, in the hands of Novum Capital, a proven growth expert, who will strategically develop MMC with Crosscast from day one." Novum Partner Beatrice Dreyfus said, "We are confident in the stable market position and strong management team. We look forward to supporting the company on its growth path in the new constellation."


About Novum Capital
Novum Capital is an owner-managed investment company from Frankfurt am Main, which is financed by pension funds and pension schemes and supports medium-sized companies such as MMC in their growth with capital and expertise.



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