"Dancing on Ice" from January 6, 2019 live from MMC Studios

Which celebrity convinces on skates with elegance and grace? Which celebrity enchants the audience and jury on the ice?

In the new SAT.1 live show "Dancing on Ice," eight artists and top athletes will dance from January 6, 2019, Sundays at 8:15 pm: Entertainer Désirée Nick can bend incredibly as a ballerina - for "Dancing on Ice" she stands on the ice professionally for the first time.

Singer Sarah Lombardi masters the perfect hip swing and enchants with her voice - will she also convince on skates?

Sarina Nowak celebrates great success in the USA as a curvy model - which curves will the self-confident model turn on the ice?

Moderator Aleksandra Bechtel always puts viewers in a great mood - after her maternity break, the power woman is celebrating a very special TV comeback.

Music star John Kelly rocks the audience on stage - will he also feel comfortable on the ice?

For the four-time Olympic bobsleigh champion Kevin Kuske In "Dancing on Ice," the two-meter tall competitive athlete shows his tender side.

Actors Timur Bartels ("Club der roten Bänder") knows his way around a variety of film characters - how does the Grimme and TV award winner master his new role on the ice?

Dancing, fitness and motivation stand for Detlef D! Soost in the first place - does the ambitious dance professional also show himself confident and elegant on skates?

At the hand of their professional figure skating partners, the celebrities master the hard way from the first, cautious skate step to the graceful ice dance freestyle on the white parquet. Who will impress the audience the most? Who will dare to perform a daring ice dance lift or a spectacular pirouette right in the first show?

The big SAT.1 show "Dancing on Ice" is hosted by Daniel Boschmann and Marlene Lufen.

"Dancing on Ice" by ITV Studios Germany in the MMC Studios produced in Cologne.

Tickets for the live shows can be found at www.tvtickets.de

"Dancing on Ice" - from January 6, 2019, Sundays at 8:15 p.m. live on SAT.1

Photo: "Dancing on Ice" at the MMC Studios - Timur Bartels, Aleksandra Bechtel, John Kelly, Sarah Lombardi, Detlef D! Soost, Désirée Nick, Kevin Kuske and Sarina Nowak. © SAT.1/Marc Rehbeck