Comedian Bülent Ceylan opens the SAT.1 Fun Fall with "Game of Games" on Friday

Comedian Bulent Ceylan opens with his first SAT.1 show "Game of Games" on Friday, September 14, 2018 at 8:15pm, the SAT.1 fun fall.

"Game of Games' is the fattest and most lavishly produced game show I know - and the best thing is that the games are super-funny and so adventurous that it's sometimes hard to imagine that they're not stuntmen, but just normal contestants who are catapulted through the entire studio. And at the end, there's up to 50,000 euros to be won," says a delighted Bülent Ceylan.

Following "Game of Games," the show continues with new episodes of "Ingeniously off target" (21:45), "Murder with announcement" (10:45 p.m.) and the first season "Really funny" (11:45 p.m.).

All four shows on the new SAT.1 "Fun Fridays" are produced at MMC Studios in Cologne.

THE FORMATS IN THE SINGLE - from September 14 on SAT.1

Quick in, quick out. "Game of Games" (8:15 p.m.):
"If you want to hold your own here, you have to be smart, fit and, above all, ready to make a fool of yourself," says host Bülent Ceylan. In the new SAT.1 comedy game show "Game of Games," he brings his players from the audience onto the stage.

In five crazy, funny challenges, one participant each qualifies for the selection game: "Loose on the stool" - basically chair dancing, and blind. Anyone who can't find a seat after the music stops is out. In the following quiz round, "Win or Fly," the remaining four candidates answer questions one after the other. Whoever doesn't know the answer or misses the mark flies out. The last player has the chance to win up to 50,000 euros in the "Photo Finish" final game.

"Game of Games" is a show adaptation from the USA, invented and hosted by Ellen DeGeneres. The show is produced by Warner Brothers Germany at MMC Studio 53 produced.

What is the banana position? "Genial daneben" (21:45):
Hugo Egon Balder challenges his guessing pros Hella von Sinnen and Wigald Boning with new "Genial daneben" questions from viewers.

In the first episode of the new editions, they are supported by Bastian Pastewka, Carolin Kebekus and Pierre M. Krause.

Constantin Entertainment produces "Genial daneben" in the MMC Studio 36.

Hilarious. "Murder with an Announcement" (10:45 p.m.):
It seems like a normal working day for hairdressers Lisa and Oliver - until society lady Verona Pooth enters the hair salon.

Verona and Lisa have always had a strained relationship and soon it comes to a confrontation ... In the improv show "Mord mit Ansage," no one knows who the murderer is and what role the members of the celebrity comedy cast play in the respective murder case. Under the guidance of narrator Bill Mockridge, Verona Pooth, Oliver Pocher, Kaya Yanar, Lisa Feller, Matze Knop and Hans-Werner Olm have to find out which crime has been committed in the first new edition completely without a script and only with the help of their improv talent - and in the process resort to their very own and sometimes abstruse approaches. Red Seven produces "Murder with an announcement" in the MMC Studio 35.

Who cracks the best joke? "Really funny" (11:45 p.m.):
"Mom, why did you marry Dad anyway?" - "You see, even the child doesn't understand!" ... host Hugo Egon Balder invites Germany's comedy elite to prove their talent for telling jokes: To kick off the first season of "Richtig witzig," Karl Dall, Oliver Pocher, Lisa Feller and Matze Knop heat up the audience in several rounds with their best jokes from different categories: Jokes for men, jokes for civil servants, jokes for doctors, jokes for blondes and many more - true to the motto: Friday is for laughs.

"Really funny" is called by Constantin Entertainment at MMC Studio 34 produced.

The SAT.1 Fun Friday launch from September 14, 2018:

  • "Game of Games" (8:15 p.m., new)
  • "Genial daneben" (9:45 p.m., new episodes)
  • "Murder on Demand" (10:45 p.m., new episodes).
  • "Really Funny" (11:45 p.m., Season 1).

Photo: Bülent Ceylan is the host on "Game of Games" at MMC Studio 53 in Cologne. © obs/SAT.1