New Daily Quiz Show ‚Genial oder Daneben?‘ at MMC Studios

'Genial oder Daneben?' in den MMC Studios: Wigald Boning, Hugo Egon Balder und Hella von Sinnen. ©SAT.1/Willi Weber

Ingenious fun: In the new daily comedy quiz show ‘Genial oder Daneben?’ (Ingenious or Clueless?) produced at MMC Studios, a pair of candidates will fight for a cash prize of up to 6,000 euros.

Astronaut Max Muzke Wins The Grand Finale of ‚The Masked Singer‘ at MMC Studios

Max Mutzke gewinnt The Masked Singer 2019. © ProSieben/Julia Feldhagen

Yesterday’s „The Masked Singer“ live-broadcast from MMC Studios in Cologne is the best performing show ever on channel ProSieben!