Press release: MMC Studios Group appoints new managing directors

Hacik Kölcü and Jens Wolf are the new managing directors of MMC Studios

Hacik Kölcü and Jens Wolf appointed as new managing directors / Crosscast Holding GmbH holds 100 % shares in MMC Studios and subsidiaries / MMC to offer outside broadcasts in future / MMC location 'Coloneum' to become hotspot for innovative production techniques

Press release: MMC Studios: 60 % growth in show productions

The MMC studio site in Cologne-Ossendorf. Credit: MMC Studios

Cologne, March 5, 2019: 320 TV shows, 530 series episodes and six feature films: in 2018, MMC Studios was booked as never before.

MMC Studios realize world's first live sports event for primetime advertising

More viewers than at the World Cup semi-final: "Das große Osterhasen-Rasen" from MMC Studios was the first live advertising event to be broadcast simultaneously on nine of Germany's biggest private stations and on the Internet. At the same time, this was the world's first live sports event for primetime advertising.