Final shot for MMC Movies' co-production "You won't get my hate"

(from left to right) Cinematographer Manu Dacosse, leading actors Zoé Iorio and Pierre Deladonchamps, director Kilian Riedhof, producer Janine Jackowski (Komplizen Film) on set at MMC Studio 41. Credit: TOBIS Film / Anne Wilk

The film adaptation MEINEN HASS BEKOMMT IHR NICHT of the bestseller of the same name by Antoine Leiris has been shot.

Netflix secures international rights to MMC Movies co-production "Stowaway"

On the set of 'Stowaway' at MMC Studios: (left to right) Bastie Griese (MMC Movies), Aram Tertzakian (XYZ Films), writer Ryan Morrison, actor Daniel Dae Kim, director Joe Penna, actress Anna Kendrick, Christina Bentlage (Film- und Medienstiftung NRW), Jonas Katzenstein (augenschein Filmproduktion), Ulrich Schwarz (RISE PICTURES) and Markus Degen (RISE Visual Effects Studios). Credit: Jürgen Olczyk

As reported by US industry service Deadline, Netflix has secured the star-studded science fiction thriller "Stowaway" for several million dollars. The film was co-produced by MMC Movies Köln GmbH and will be shot at MMC Studios in Cologne and Bavaria in Munich in 2019.

New trailer of Unreal Engine shows Virtual Production Showcase from MMC Studios, LAVAlabs and ETC

The video "Unreal Build: Virtual Production 2020 Sizzle" showcases state-of-the-art in-camera visual effects (VFX) and celebrates some of the pioneers in virtual production.

'Help, I shrunk my friends' opens in theaters in January 2021


DCM will release the comedy, which was filmed at MMC Studios among other locations, in German cinemas on January 6, 2021.

Last flap for "It's just a phase, bunny"

Christoph Maria Herbst and Christiane Paul. © Majestic / Bernd Spauke

After 35 days of shooting at MMC Studios as well as in Cologne and Munich, filming for "Es ist nur eine Phase, Hase" has come to a successful end.

Theatrical release of "Enfant Terrible

Rainer Werner Fassbinder (Oliver Masucci). © Bavaria Film Production

In his new, eagerly awaited feature film "Enfant Terrible," which was shot at MMC Studios and in Munich, star director Oskar Roehler devotes himself to one of the great icons of German cinema in the second half of the 20th century, Rainer Werner Fassbinder, and interprets the life and work of the film legend in an artistically innovative way.

Shooting of MMC Movies' co-production MONTE VERITÀ underway at MMC Studios

© tellfilm / COIN FILM / KGP / MMC Movies / Grischa Schmitz

Shooting of the feature film MONTE VERITÀ began in Ticino at the end of August and is currently being continued at MMC Studios in Cologne.

"It's Just a Phase, Bunny" at MMC Studios

Leading actor Christoph Maria Herbst and leading actress Christiane Paul, together with director Florian Gallenberger (right) and producer Benjamin Herrmann (left) on the set of ES IST NUR EINE PHASE, HASE at MMC Studios. Credit: Majestic/Mathias Bothor

Filming of the top-class bestseller adaptation ES IST NUR EINE PHASE, HASE is in full swing at MMC Studios.

Successful Virtual Production Showcase at MMC Studios

Virtual Production Showcase at MMC Studios. © MMC Studios / Hans-Jörg Seibold

In view of the strongly increasing demand for virtual productions, MMC, ETC and LAVAlabs organized an informative event to inform their customers about the latest technologies and production processes for the successful implementation of virtual productions and events.

"The Males" - in theaters from August 20

The males © hands-on producers / Tom Trambow

On Thursday, Aug. 20, 2020, Connie Walther's feature film "The Males," much of which was shot at MMC Studios, will open in theaters.