MagentaTV Original "Wild Republic" celebrates world premiere

The eight-part drama-adventure series "Wild Republic," largely filmed at MMC Studios, will launch exclusively on MagentaTV on April 15. From spring 2022, the series can be seen as a free TV premiere on ARTE, ARD and the stations' respective media libraries. Wild Republic" will celebrate its world premiere as part of a digital event on March 25.

The MagentaTV Original tells the story of a group of juvenile delinquents who build their own community far away from civilization. After a resocialization measure in the mountains gets out of hand, the youths escape deeper and deeper into the alpine wilderness. There they not only have to brave natural forces, but also learn to live with each other - and develop their own rules.

A wild republic against a breathtaking backdrop

Through an experiential education measure in the middle of the Alps, several juvenile offenders are to strengthen their sense of community and solidarity. But suddenly everything changes: one night a mountain guide and supervisor is found dead. No one knows, was it an accident or even murder? Is the person responsible among the young people?

WILD REPUBLIC series at MMC Studios
© Bernd Spauke, Lailaps Pictures GmbH - X Filme Creative Pool GmbH

The group panics and has to make a choice: Either wait for the authorities and fall under suspicion themselves due to prejudice. Or it flees and takes fate into its own hands.

Everyone in the group has had bad experiences with the authorities and the justice system and therefore has no trust in them. Since they themselves do not know who the perpetrator is, the young people see only one solution: they go further and higher into the Alpine massif.

Fortunately, they soon come across a huge mysterious cavewhich offers them protection from wind, weather and their pursuers. Conspiracies and power games soon ensue - the initially flat hierarchy gives way to a circle of decision-makers. In flashbacks, viewers learn more and more about the past of the various characters. And as the conflicts slowly come to a head, it seems only a matter of time before the police task force will discover the hideout.

Exceptional production

WILD REPUBLIC series at MMC Studios
© Bernd Spauke, Lailaps Pictures GmbH - X Filme Creative Pool GmbH

"Wild Republic" was shot under very special conditions: In February 2020, filming started as planned in Cologne.

There had Production Designer Claus Rudolf Amler ("The Dark Valley", "4 Blocks") designed a unique setting at the MMC Studios and from the Art Department of the MMC have built. A cathedral-like cave with underground watercourses - the later hiding place of the young people.

In addition to the studio production, the Cologne and the surrounding area the exterior shots for the flashbacks within the series took place. However, due to the Corona pandemic, filming had to be interrupted for two months starting in March 2020. The further shooting found in the majestic South Tyrolean Alps at over 2,100 meters takes place.

On set prevailed at the resumption strictest hygiene regulations: The production team defined a strict set of measures to ensure the safety of everyone involved. This allowed filming to continue safely at all locations later on.

Ensemble of talented newcomers

Besides Verena Altenberger ("Polizeiruf 110"), Franz Hartwig ("The Passport", "Charité") and Ulrich Tukur ("Crime Scene") are many young talents in the leading roles: Emma Drogunova ("Der Trafikant"), Merlin Rose ("A Gschicht über d'Lieb"), Rouven Israel ("Red Ribbon Club"), Béla Gábor Lenz ("Wir sind die Welle"), Maria Dragus ("Mary Stuart, Queen of Scots"), Camille Dombrowsky ("Lotta und der schöne Schein"); Anand Batbileg ("Tschick"), Aaron Altaras ("Unorthodox") and Luna Jordan ("Fuchs im Bau").

The series was by Lailaps Pictures (Nils Dünker), X Filme Creative Pool (Uwe Schott) in co-production with Deutsche Telekom, ARTE, WDR, SWR and ONE and in cooperation with handwritten Pictures (Eric Bouley, Christopher Sassenrath) produces.

Promotion it received from the Film- und Medienstiftung NRW, the FFF Bayern, the German Motion Picture Fund and the IDM Südtirol. As an international partner, Beta Film takes over the World distribution.

Direction led Markus Goller ("Friendship" and "25 km/h") and Lennart Ruff, who won the 2014 Student Oscar for his film "Nobeco." The Scripts have been from Arne Nolting, Jan Martin Scharf ("Red Ribbon Club") and Klaus Wolfertstetter ("Milk & Honey") developed in cooperation with MagentaTV and the public service partners.

Starting on April 15, MagentaTV customers will be able to watch two 45-minute episodes of the eight-part series a week in the Megathek at no extra charge.

Photo: Wild Republic Key Artwork. © Stephan Zwickirsch, Lailaps Pictures GmbH / X Filme Creative Pool GmbH