The winter edition of the "Festival of Reality Stars" at MMC Studios - starting Friday, February 5 on SAT.1

Brightly colored good-mood fireworks on Friday nights: Starting February 5, SAT.1 will show three new editions of "Die Festspiele der Reality Stars," produced by RedSeven Entertainment at MMC Studios, every Friday at 8:15 pm.

On behalf of RedSeven Entertainment was the Technical Operations Team of the MMC Studios for the technical TV production responsible for the shows and the MMC Art Department provided for the Stage and decoration construction.

In the three new episodes of the "Festival of Reality Stars" Eva Benetatou, Janine Pink, Willi Herren, Giulia Siegel, Mischa Mayer, Iris Klein, Diana Herold, Aaron Königs, Ikke Hüftgold and Emmy Russ want to prove that they are the brightest candle on the cake of the reality stars are.

Olivia Jones and Jochen Schropp host the new editions of the most colorful children's birthday party on TV: "The Festival of Reality Stars - Who's the Brightest Candle on the Cake? Winter Edition".

In nine colorfully crazy, reality star-worthy winter games with disciplines such as "Germany's next Toppinguin," "Checking out the competition" or "Risking a fat lip," the celebrities put their reality star talent to the test - after all, they're pros at that. And who will reveal in the game "Between Us" that they have ever checked their partner's cell phone or what they confessed in church?

Whoever loses a game despite the best conditions is eliminated and receives a creamy punishment from the "Tortinator".

"Hüftgold-Haus & Hof-Lieferant" Thorsten Legat is sparing his pie-throwing arm this season and will be represented by soccer legend Mario Basler in the winter edition.

Behind the scenes, the latter decorates his projectiles himself. I wonder what he has prepared for the pregnant Eva Benetatou? Will she receive a sweet punishment? And can her cake reveal the sex of her child?

In the third edition of "The Festival of Reality Stars - Who is the Brightest Candle? Winter Edition" will take place on February 19 at grand finale finally the Winner of the whole winter festival chosen.

The first two episodes of "Die Festspiele der Reality Stars - Wer ist die hellste Kerze?" scored up to 10.8 percent market share among 14-49-year-old viewers in summer 2020.

Photo: Olivia Jones and Jochen Schropp. Credit: SAT.1/Willi Weber