"2020 - Gottschalk catches up": Stars, surprises and emotions at MMC Studios

Germany's great showmaster presents the show on the fancy year 2020 - to be seen on Monday, December 21, at 8:15 p.m. on Das Erste.

2020 - Gottschalk makes up for it" is a SWR production for Das Erste. With the production was i&u entrusted. On behalf of i&u were the MMC Studios for the technical TV production responsible for the show and the Art Department the MMC provided the complete Stage and decoration construction.

2020 - a year that promised so much but delivered so little: Cultural events, sports competitions, weddings and much more - so much was planned and so much was cancelled because of the Corona pandemic.

In his "offbeat year" show. Thomas Gottschalk makes up for part of what could not take place this year. For this, the showmaster welcomes celebrities and non-celebrities who have interesting and emotional stories to tell of their personal failures and cancellations 2020.

And gives them the opportunity to catch up on the cancelled events, shows and sporting events in the studio. In addition, there will be many surprises with national and international stars, including Lang Lang, Toni Garrn, Robbie Williams, Peter Maffay and Alexander Klaws.

The SWR production "2020 - Gottschalk holt's nach" can be seen on December 21 at 8:15 p.m. on Ersten.

Music highlights with Lang Lang, David Garrett, Peter Maffay and Wincent Weiss

Numerous musical highlights are on the program for "2020 - Gottschalk catches up." For example, Thomas Gottschalk enables twelve-year-old up-and-coming pianist Soley to make up for her cancelled performance at the Austrian national competition. Best of all, world star Lang Lang himself is on hand to play a piece for the up-and-coming artist.

2020 - Gottschalk catches up' at MMC Studios: David Garret
David Garret © SWR/Stefan Gregorowius

The Hamburg children's and youth orchestra Coole Elbstreicher, which was unable to perform in the Elbphilharmonie as planned due to the pandemic, is also allowed to perform on the big stage after all - and receives unexpected support from star violinist David Garrett.

For the father-daughter team Peter and Sylvia, a dream also comes true. The two get to meet their idol Peter Maffay, whose concerts in 2020 had to be cancelled due to Corona, in person and are allowed to ask him questions. In addition, the rock musician sings the hit "Für immer jung" for them with a digital fan choir.

Finally, pop singer Wincent Weiss surprises a couple who originally wanted to celebrate their wedding this year with a romantic musical message.

Jens Spahn moves "open day" to TV studio

2020 - Gottschalk catches up' at MMC Studios: Jens Spahn
Jens Spahn. © SWR/Stefan Gregorowius

Pandemics are the mother of invention. This also applies to Federal Minister of Health Jens Spahn: He simply moves the "Open Day of the Federal Government" to the studio, where he answers questions from the public via video link.

Host Thomas Gottschalk, on the other hand, brings the atmosphere of the Wild West into the show - so that 13-year-old Sophia, who was unable to go to the Karl May Games in Bad Segeberg this year as planned, can get her money's worth after all.

2020 - Gottschalk catches up' at MMC Studios: Alexander Klaws
Alexander Klaws. © SWR/Stefan Gregorowius

With the support of Alexander Klaws, who would have embodied "Winnetou" again this season, Thomas Gottschalk alias "Old Shatterhand" makes the girl shine.

For the Danish-German couple Inga and Karsten, who met daily for coffee and cake at the border crossing during the lockdown, there's a culinary surprise of the finest on "2020 - Gottschalk holt's nach": star chef Johann Lafer conjures up a fantastic three-course menu for the two.

Students Lea and Leon also have some catching up to do: the two were unable to present their innovative bio-adhesive at the national "Jugend forscht" competition because it was canceled due to corona. Now they have the chance to convince the well-known medical scientist and biochemist Alexander Kekulé of the effectiveness of their "Glue for Future".

Olympic Freestyle, Top Model and Robbie Williams' Christmas Hit

The discipline of skateboarding was to be an Olympic event for the first time this year in Tokyo - 13-year-old Lilly and 19-year-old Tyler are German champion and German champion in skateboarding respectively and were part of the Olympic squad. Because the Games were cancelled, they will now perform their Tokyo freestyle exclusively on "2020 - Gottschalk holt's nach.

Three young female yodelers from the Harz region also demonstrate their skills in the broadcast after the yodeling competition in Clausthal-Zellerfeld could not take place. Their performance will also be judged by a professional jury.

Finally, Thomas Gottschalk has invited other international guests to the show: Top model Toni Garrn reviews the Corona year from a personal and fashion perspective. In addition, Robbie Williams is on, not only talking about the year, but also singing the hit "Can't Stop Christmas.

Gottschalk discovers wanderlust in the pandemic

"I'm a guy who tries to fix things," says Thomas Gottschalk: "I'm trying to fix it a little bit now at the last minute, so to speak, before the year ends." He helps people who were unable to realize their plans in 2020 to realize them on his show and catch up. He offers television entertainment for the whole family.

Not only his guests, but also Thomas Gottschalk himself had to reschedule due to the pandemic: "I'm a person who takes things as they come. And I didn't plan anything that I would have regretted afterwards because it didn't happen. Of course, I am a person who is used to traveling a lot. That's where a lot of things happened, because it just didn't work out. I'm a relatively restless spirit and constantly on the move from A to B. I'm not used to that. This time I just tried to sit it out at home. I was at home a lot and I have to admit: I have discovered many things this year that I didn't appreciate so much before. For example, hikes through German forests."

"2020 - Gottschalk holt's nach," an SWR production for Das Erste, on December 21, 2020, 8:15 p.m. on Ersten.