Ratings records for the "Ninja Warrior Germany" finale at MMC Studios

This has never happened since the start of "Ninja Warrior Germany": The final episode of the 5th season produced at MMC Studios in Cologne surpasses the 24 percent mark in the target group of 14 to 49 year olds for the first time! Alexander Wurm is "Last Man Standing" and wins the anniversary season.

Alexander Worm became "Last Man Standing" for the 3rd time in a row and thus won the finale of the 5th season and 25,000 euros in prize money. In the highly dramatic third final round (without time limit), he cleared the most obstacles of all the athletes in the best time.

In 5:01:42 min. he came up to the last obstacle of the course, the pole flight, and was thus just ahead of Kim Marschner (2nd place, time: 7:24.48, also came up to the pole flight) and René Casselly (3rd place, time: 3:46.21, came up to the penultimate obstacle, the ball hook). This year, unfortunately, no athlete made it to Mount Midoriyama.

Odds Records:
With a very strong market share of 24.3 % (2.07 million viewers) among 14-49 year old viewers and strong 3.56 million viewers (age 3 and up), the 2nd final of "Ninja Warrior Germany" on Friday night on RTL not only reached the Best value of the current seasonbut also took the top spot in the 14-49 target group. Top place of the evening.

But the current season of the physical game show with Laura Wontorra, Frank Buschmann and Jan Köppen still scored more top values.

With An average of 2.83 million viewers aged 3 and over for all 10 episodes season 5 was the most successful so far - and with 19.2 % on average in the 14- to 49-year-old target group. the current season reached the best value since 2016.

As with the previous seasons of "Ninja Warrior Germany", the Set design of the 5th season on behalf of RTL STUDIOS from Rainer Becher and its design team at the Art Department designed by MMC Studios.

For the anniversary relay, the "Ninja Warrior Germany" course at MMC Studios in Cologne for the first time set up in MMC Studio 30/31, in the "Coloneum Mall", and on the outdoor area of MMC Studios.

On behalf of RTL STUDIOS the Technical Operations Team of MMC for the technical TV production and the MMC Art Department supported with the Set construction for the show series.

Celebrity special of "Ninja Warrior Germany" and "Ninja Warrior Germany" 2021 in Cologne:

At Sunday, 13.12.2020This is followed by this year's celebrity special of "Ninja Warrior Germany".

Also in the next year there is a new season, the Cologne again will be produced.

Source: RTL

Photo: 'Ninja Warrior Germany' 2020 finale at MMC Studios: Last Man Standing Alexander Wurm and host Laura Wontorra. © TVNOW / Markus Hertrich