Netflix secures international rights to MMC Movies co-production "Stowaway"

As reported by US industry service Deadline, Netflix has secured the star-studded science fiction thriller "Stowaway" for several million dollars. The film was co-produced by MMC Movies Köln GmbH and will be shot at MMC Studios in Cologne and Bavaria in Munich in 2019.

Under the direction of Joe Penna play Anna Kendrick, Toni Collette, Daniel Dae Kim and Shamier Anderson the main roles.

Netflix will release the film on its platform next year in the U.S., U.K., Australia/New Zealand, India, Latin America, Africa and a number of other key markets in Asia and Europe, according to Deadline.

In Germany Netflix has the rights to exploit the film after it has run on pay TV, according to Deadline. Before that, it can also be exploited in theaters - and according to Deadline Wild Bunch Germany plans a German theatrical release.

"Stowaway" tells of a mission to Mars, in which an undiscovered stowaway (Shamier Anderson) accidentally causes irreparable damage to the spacecraft's life support systems.

Faced with dwindling resources and a potentially fatal fate, the scientist (Anna Kendrick) is the only one to resist the ice-cold logic of the commander (Toni Collette) and the biologist on board (Daniel Dae Kim).

"Stowaway" is a production of augenschein Filmproduktion, RISE PICTURES, XYZ Films, RainMaker Films and MMC Movies Cologne.

The elaborate visual effects were handled by RISE Visual Effects Studios. Promoted the film was released by the Film and Media Foundation NRW, the FFF Bayern and the DFFF.

The Deadline article can be found here:

Photo: On the set of "Stowaway" at MMC Studios: (left to right) Bastie Griese (MMC Movies), Aram Tertzakian (XYZ Films), writer Ryan Morrison, actor Daniel Dae Kim, director Joe Penna, actress Anna Kendrick, Christina Bentlage (Film- und Medienstiftung NRW), Jonas Katzenstein (augenschein Filmproduktion), Ulrich Schwarz (RISE PICTURES) and Markus Degen (RISE Visual Effects Studios). Credit: Jürgen Olczyk