Premiere of "Der König der Kindsköpfe" today on RTL - live from MMC Studios

Chris Tall, Oliver Pocher and Mario Barth will meet today (01.12.) at MMC Studios for the ultimate live battle for the title of "King of the Kindsköpfe".

Three direct duels. A grand final show. And in the end: a king!

It's the three-way fight of the year: The three comedy giants Mario Barth, Oliver Pocher and Chris Tall compete in what is probably the funniest showdown in show business.

In the new four-part live event show "The King of the Childhoods the three top comedians deliver from December 1, 2020 at 8:15 p.m. on RTL a fierce battle for the question: Who is the best, the strongest, the greatest - in short: Who is the only true king of the child heads?

"The king of the child heads" is a In-house development from RTL. Nico Rossmann and Cedric Theisen are responsible for the live shows under the direction of Markus Küttner, RTL's Head of Entertainment/Daytime.

The four episodes are produced by the Constantin Entertainment GmbH.

On behalf of Constantin Entertainment, the Technical Operations Team of MMC Studios for the complete technical TV production responsible for the event shows and the MMC Art Department provides for the Stage and decoration construction.

Who will be crowned king of the child heads?

Chris Tall, Oliver Pocher and Mario Barth have a huge amount of self-confidence and don't like to let anyone take the butter off their bread - especially not their comedy colleagues. They inspire an audience of millions and like to dish it out, but can they also take it?

In the first three shows fight two each of the three comedy superstars in a direct duel for the victory of the evening.

The Third comedian in the bunch is not uninvolved, on the contrary - he hosts the respective show and thinks up all the actions and nasty challenges that the two comedy colleagues have to face. Mean? Maybe.

Oliver Pocher will kick things off with the first live show, Mario Barth will host Show 2 and Chris Tall will host the third edition.

The winner of a duel episode not only wins the show night, but also secures a clear advantage for the grand finale on December 22.

Whoever uses the final triathlon - moderated by none other than Laura Wontorra - wins the relay and becomes the crowned king of the child heads.

Photo: From left: Chris Tall, Mario Barth, Oliver Pocher. Credit: TVNOW / Ruprecht Stempell