The 1st final of "Ninja Warrior Germany" 2020 at MMC Studios

Stefanie Noppinger becomes "Last Woman Standing. Primetime victory for the RTL show among 14- to 49-year-olds. MMC Studios provides set design and technical TV production on behalf of RTL Studios.

With strong 18.5 percent market share (1.56 million viewers) among 14-49 year olds, the 1st final of "Ninja Warrior Germany" on Friday night achieved the Primetime victory. 2.90 million viewers aged 3 and over watched in total.

The Austrian Stefanie Noppinger was launched for the first time in Germany "Last Woman Standing" and, in addition to the title she already holds from Austria, also won 25,000 euros in prize money.

Her only female competitor in the 1st final for this title was Astrid Sibon. Stefanie managed more obstacles in a faster time (2:11.91 minutes) than Astrid. Last year's "Last Woman Standing", Arleen Schüßler, was eliminated already in the semi-finals.

These 16 athletes will be in the 2nd final of the 5th season next Friday and will fight for the title "First Ninja Warrior Germany" - respectively "Last Man Standing": Alexander Wurm, Daniel Gerber, Giovanni Ertl, Joel Mattli, Jun Kim, Kim Marschner, Krister Kröll, Leon Wismann, Marius Holzinger, Mark Degebrodt, Max Spenger, Moritz Hans, Oliver Edelmann, Philipp Göthert, René Casselly and Samuel Dufner.

As with the previous seasons of "Ninja Warrior Germany", the Set design of the 5th season on behalf of RTL STUDIOS from Rainer Becher and its design team at the Art Department designed by MMC Studios.

For the anniversary relay, the "Ninja Warrior Germany" course at MMC Studios in Cologne for the first time set up in MMC Studio 30/31, in the "Coloneum Mall", and on the outdoor area of MMC Studios.

On behalf of RTL STUDIOS the Technical Operations Team of MMC for the technical TV production and the MMC Art Department supported with the Set construction for the show series.

Watch the 2nd finale of the anniversary season on Friday, December 4, 2020 at 8:15 p.m. on RTL and TVNOW.

Source: AGF/GfK / DAP videoSCOPE / MG RTL Data & Audience Intelligence / prov. w. / as of: 28.11.2020

Photo: The 1st final Ninja Warrior Germany 2020 in the MMC Studios: Astrid Sibon (l.), Stefanie Noppinger. © TVNOW / Markus Hertrich