MMC Studios' Art Department sets the stage for Pretty in Plush

Clear the stage for the craziest celebrity doll duets in Germany's weirdest singing show: Welcome to "Pretty in Plush"!

At the World premiere of the new SAT.1 live show on Friday, November 27, 2020, starting at 8:15 p.m. want Mareile Höppner with plush gentleman Harry Love, Hardy Kruger Jr. with Maki doll Polly, Janine Kunze with Grummel Werner Edel, Ingolf Lück with plush diva Francesca de Rossi, Jessica Paszka with leek puppet Kevin Puerro and Massimo Sinató with unicorn Didi Rakete thrill the audience and jury with their singing performances.

Pretty in plush
Michelle Hunziker © SAT.1/Julian Essink

Sarah Lombardi, Hans Sigl and Guest judge DJ Bobo judge the performances of the strong-voiced plush dolls with their celebrity partners.

Michelle Hunziker hosts the singing show.

#PrettyinPlush is an in-house development by EndemolShine Germany and is produced live in Cologne.

On behalf of Endemol Shine Germany is the Art Department of the MMC Studios at "Pretty in Plush" for the Set construction responsible.

In addition to the actual studio set, the MMC Art Department also for the production of the different Decorations and props, which is responsible for the Stagings of the individual performances are required.

This is how the weirdest singing show in Germany works

Pretty in plush
Plush diva Francesca de Rossi and juror Sarah Lombardi. © SAT.1/Willi Weber

Six puppet celebrity duets ("Puppette") try to make it in four live shows To enchant the jury and the audience anew with unique joint performances from week to week.

The three-person jury around singer Sarah Lombardi, actor Hans Sigl and a guest judge who changes every week evaluate the performances and give their verdict.

But in the end, it is the viewers alone who decide in the Live votingwhich duo will have to leave the SAT.1 show and which pairing will win "Pretty in Plush" in the end.

At "Pretty in Plush" the dolls show the celebrities how it's done

In the world's unique new singing show "Pretty in Plush," the puppets are the pros: Plush unicorn Didi, plush gentleman Harry, plush maki Polly, plush leek Kevin, plush diva Francesca and plush grumble Werner each take a celebrity by the hand and prepare him or her in coaching from week to week for the joint live singing duet on the big SAT.1 show stage.

Pretty in plush - Janine Kunze
Grummel puppet Werner Edel with Janine Kunze. © SAT.1/Julian Essink

As a duo, they want to surprise and delight the jury and viewers in up to four live shows.

How do the unequal pairs get along in training? Who shows the greatest development? Which duet harmonizes best on stage?

"Pretty in Plush - Germany's Weirdest Singing Show" starting Friday, November 27, 2020, at 8:15 p.m. live on SAT.1 and on Joyn.

Cover photo: Plush leeks Kevin Puerro and Jessica Paszka. © SAT.1/Julian Essink