New trailer of Unreal Engine shows Virtual Production Showcase from MMC Studios, LAVAlabs and ETC

The video "Unreal Build: Virtual Production 2020 Sizzle" showcases state-of-the-art in-camera visual effects (VFX) and celebrates some of the pioneers in virtual production.

In the summer, the cooperation partners MMC Studios Cologne GmbH, LAVAlabs Moving Images and ETC Entertainment Technology Concepts their Virtual Production Showcase presented at the MMC Studios.

The content for the LED screens was created with the help of the Unreal Engine a software from Epic Games, which is also used in the development of console and computer games.

Now Unreal Engine has released the Trailer "Unreal Build: Virtual Production 2020 Sizzle" published in which companies and projects are shown, which are the Revolutionize the way movies are made.

Also present is the Virtual Production Showcase by LAVALabs, MMC Studios and ETC.