Filming for "Freshly Roasted Daily" underway at MMC Studios

Who can prove themselves as a late-night host? Stefan Raab's new show provides the answer - to be seen from 16.11.2020 on TVNOW.

"Freshly roasted daily" has everything a late night show needs: Band, studio action, celebrity guests & talk on hot topics of the day.

So it's all very classic? Absolutely not: Step per show one host and one roaster an.

While the host takes on the challenge of hosting the show with classic late night elements, the roaster doesn't mince words. First he roasts the host by all the rules of the art, to rate him at the end.

Who is brave enough to face the public verbal club?

Actor Ralf Moeller (Gladiator, The Scorpion King, Universal Soldier) will be the first to accept the challenge and open "Freshly Roasted Daily." Who his roaster will be and which hosts will still appear on the show is not yet revealed.

But this much is already certain: Whether musicians or politicians, actors or athletes - in the new late night show, everyone gets his fat!

The RAAB production is filmed in the MMC Studios in Cologne, recordings will begin on November 11.

On behalf of Brainpool and RAAB TV is the Technical Operations Team of MMC for the technical TV production of the Late Night Show.

Due to Corona numbers rebounding and the second lockdown, studio audiences will be foregone for the production.

Starting Nov. 16, TVNOW will show "Freshly Roasted Daily" twice a week - on Mondays and Wednesdays.

Photo: The logo for "Freshly roasted daily". © TVNOW / BRAINPOOL TV GmbH