MMC Studios' sister Crosscast in action on "LUKE! The Greatnightshow"

The production of the second season of "LUKE! Die Greatnightshow" is taking place at the Cologne-Mülheim studio. There, MMC Studios' sister company Crosscast GmbH is responsible for the technical TV production of the show series on behalf of Brainpool.

"The TV and I" - the first issue of the second season - started on Friday evening, 16.10.2020, on SAT.1 with a very good 10.2 percent market share. among 14- to 49-year-olds (0.76 million viewers).

A total of 1.22 million viewers aged three and up watched the newly crowned comedy award winner Luke Mockridge with prominent guests his most beautiful TV moments celebrates - and recreates in a unique way.

Crosscast controls the production of the second season from a new direction, which was developed by Crosscast developed, built and installed in the Cologne-Mülheim studio was.

Previously, Crosscast had successfully directed the entertainment show series "Big Performance" and the German Comedy Award, among others.

For the second edition of "LUKE! The Greatnightshow" is called next Friday: "Family Games".

Two families compete against each other in different challenges. From grandparents to grandchildren, everyone is challenged. Which family can win the most games?

The second season of "LUKE! The Greatnightshow" at a glance:

October 16: "The TV and I"
October 23: "Family Games
October 30: "Halloween - Gamenight"
November 6: "Germany laughs!" (LIVE)
November 13: "Luke - The Band 2020"
November 20: "Luke vs. Cologne" ... and two other special editions that break ranks.

"LUKE! Die Greatnightshow" on Fridays from 8:15 p.m. on SAT.1.

Photo: Luke Mockridge. © SAT.1/Boris Breuer

Here is an excerpt from episode 1 of season 2: "Das TV und ich".