'Help, I shrunk my friends' opens in theaters in January 2021

DCM will release the comedy, which was filmed at MMC Studios among other locations, in German cinemas on January 6, 2021.

The film of Director Granz Henman was shot over 42 days in South Tyrol, Austria, Belgium and Germany.

With the Filming at MMC Studio 41 there was a high-tech shoot with motion control camera systems to marvel at, and in addition several, from the Art Department the MMC built XXL Props.

Among them was also the one with nine meters long probably largest skateboard ever used in a film shoot.

Help, I shrunk my friends

The Story:
When the new student Melanie shows up at the Otto-Leonhard-Gymnasium, Felix's world turns upside down.

Much to the suspicion of Ella and Felix's gang: they believe Melanie is behind many of the petty thefts that have been happening at the school since she showed up.

Things then come to a head rapidly on the class trip, not least because Felix has previously been initiated into the secret of shrinking by the school ghost Otto Leonhard.

When Felix's friends almost screw up his date with Melanie, he spontaneously shrinks her down to a tenth of her size - and suddenly everything doesn't go according to plan at all...

The successful family entertainment films HELP, I HAVE HURT MY TEACHER (2015) and HELP, I HAVE HURT MY PARENTS (2018), based on the original book by Sabine Ludwig, together assembled over 2.2 million viewers in theaters in the co-production countries Germany and Austria.

This prompted the producers Corinna Mehner, blue eyes Fiction Munich and Hans Eddy Schreiber of Karibufilm to create a convincing and substantive independent third film with the now teenage student Felix Vorndran and his gang as a brilliant conclusion to the movie series to realize.

The Script to this turbulent comedy wrote also this time Gerrit Hermans.

Besides the main producer blue eyes fiction Karibufilm Produktion, Mini Film, Filmvergnuegen, Potemkino Port and WS Filmproduktion are responsible as co-producers.

The Main roles play next to Oskar Keymer as Felix again here Anja Kling (HANNI & NANNI) as school principal Dr. Schmitt-Gössenwein and Axel stone (NOT MY DAY) as father Peter Vorndran as well as Andrea Sawatzki (HORST SCHLÄMMER - ISCH KANDIDIERE!) as Hulda Stechbarth.

As a guest star appears again Otto Waalkes (DER 7BTE ZWERG) as the school founder and spirit Otto Leonhard. New with it is Lorna zu Solms as new classmate Melanie Heide.

The old circle of friends from the previous parts with Lina Hüesker As Ella, Eloi Christ as Robert, Maximilian Ehrenreich as Chris and George Sulzer as Mario remains in place.

Johannes Zeiler as janitor Michalski and Michael Ostrowski as teacher Coldegol and Maria Hofstätter as Mrs. Holtkamp will also be featured.

The film was sponsored by the Film- und Medienstiftung NRW, the German Federal Film Board (FFA), the German Federal Film Fund (DFFF), Belga Productions and the Belgian Tax Shelter, the Bavarian Film Fund (FFF Bayern), the Austrian Film Institute, IDM Südtirol, the Vienna Film Fund, FISA - Filmstandort Austria, Mibact Direzione Cenerale Cinema e Audiovisivo, Screen Flanders and the Province of Lower Austria.

Photo: © DCM