The Bello Sisters perform at MMC Studios for the finale of America's Got Talent

GIRL POWER! For the finale of the 15th season of "Americas Got Talent" the Bello Sisters performed at MMC Studios.

Accompanied by the song "Physical" by Dua Lipa, the Italian-German trio offered breathtaking Acrobatics that wowed the AGT jury and the audience in the U.S. and was rewarded with much applause.

Due to the Corona virus pandemic, the sisters were unable to perform on stage in Hollywood during the finale of "America's Got Talent." Instead, their performance in our Studio 36 recorded.

On behalf of the production company UFA SHOW & FACTUALwhich also produces the German "Got Talent" version of "Das Supertalent," our Art Department for the Stage and decoration construction. In addition, the MMC took care of the Lighting technology for the performance of the Bello Sisters.

See the bendy sisters' great performance at this year's AGT finals here.

Photo Credit: America's Got Talent