"Ninja Warrior Germany Kids" from MMC Studios launches on SUPER RTL

Germany's most powerful show is now also available for kids, with everything that goes with it - a spectacular obstacle course set up for the first time at the MMC Studios, athletes who do incredible things, and of course lots of fun!

Ninja Warrior Germany Kids (D 2020) is the show highlight of the year for the whole family.

Ninja Warrior Germany Kids
Ella on the wall. © TVNOW / Markus Hertrich

For the first time 64 daring young ninjas in the age categories 10-11 years and 12-13 years rise to the challenge and go beyond themselves to shimmy, climb and balance their way through the demanding course from the preliminary round to the semi-final and the final.

The level of difficulty of the obstacles has been carefully adapted to the young age groups without losing any of the excitement. But in the foreground at all times is the fun of the kids in movement and as well as the unique challenge.

As with the previous seasons of "Ninja Warrior Germany", the Set design for "Ninja Warrior Germany Kids" by Rainer Becher from the Art Department of MMC Studios.

The premiere season was held in MMC Studio 30/31 and the "Coloneum Mall" produced by MMC Studios.

On behalf of RTL STUDIOS MMC's Technical Operations team ensured that the technical TV production and the MMC Art Department assisted with the Set construction.

Jan Köppen and Frank Buschmann
Jan Köppen (l.) and Frank Buschmann. © TVNOW / Markus Hertrich

The 14 episodes of the first season are divided into eight preliminary shows (four per age group) and two semifinal shows and two final shows up and become weekly Fridays at 7:40 p.m. on SUPER RTL shown.

With their usual quick-wittedness, wit and great enthusiasm, the well-known Commentators Jan Köppen and Frank Buschmann Ninja Warrior Germany Kids" through the gripping show. Close to the action is the new Field reporter Julia Beautx. The successful influencer interviews the kids, cheers them on, or even offers comforting words.

In the first episode The following kids in the 10-11 age group will be among those competing: Tobias and Michael (10) from Münster, Sara (11) from Lindlar, Leander (11) from St. Wendel, Ella (11) from Frankfurt and Costin (11) from Zülpich.

"Ninja Warrior Germany Kids" - starting Friday, September 18, weekly at 7:40 p.m. on SUPER RTL.

Cover photo: Ella from Frankfurt. © TVNOW / Markus Hertrich