Celebrities are grilled on the stove again!

New episodes of "Grill den Henssler" are currently being produced again at MMC Studios.

Celebrity chef Steffen Henssler strips himself in seven brand-new episodes on VOX the chef's jacket again and swings at "Grill the Henssler 2020" the barbecue tongs: As usual, three ambitious stars must Steffen Henssler in a furious cook-off.

Improvisation course, appetizer, main course and dessert - whoever's menu earns the most points from the jury around the experienced starred chef Christian Rach, the experts in culinary delights Reiner Calmund and the quick-witted gourmet Mirja Boes can secure, gets prize money for the good cause.

Laura Wontorra hosts "Grill den Henssler 2020" and keeps an eye on the star chef and the amateur cooks.

With exquisite taste, a pinch of repartee and a good dose of competence, the jury will not only demand everything from the celebrity amateur chefs - Steffen Henssler will also have to call on his entire repertoire of cooking skills time and time again to win over the tough judges.

Still until September 15 the records are running. On behalf of ITV Studios Germany has the MMC Art Department the Stage and decoration construction for the show and the technical operations team of the MMC is responsible for the technical TV production of the shows in use.

Tickets for the recordings are available here: https://tvtickets.de/info.php?show=GDH

The new episodes will be released at VOX but the broadcast dates are not yet known. In addition, the episodes will also be broadcast on TVNOW, RTL Group's streaming service.

Photo: 'Grill den Henssler' Logo. © TVNOW