Start of the second season "UNdressed" from MMC Studios

From September 7, the second season will start on RTLZWEI with double episodes in primetime and on TV NOW.

Hardly anything makes the pulse beat faster than a blind date. But what happens when this takes place not in a restaurant or café, but lying down? At "UNdressed - The date in bed"Singles dare a hot adventure and experience their blind date only in underwear in probably the most intimate place in the world: the bed.

The first date in bed - an exciting situation for the singles. But that's not all: in front of them is a screen that gives them tasks and asks spicy questions so they can get to know each other better. Time is short: after 30 minutes the date is over, now they have to decide: Do you want to see the other person again or did it not spark? Only if both choose "yes" will there be a reunion.

On behalf of Banijay Productions Germany were the MMC Studios for the technical TV production responsible for the second season and the MMC Art Department provided for the Set construction.

"UNdressed - The Date in Bed," starting September 7, Mondays at 8:15 p.m. on RTLZWEI in double episodes.

The episodes are available free of charge for 30 days following the broadcast at TVNOW available.

Photo: © RTLZWEI