"The Reality Stars Festival" at MMC Studios - from September 4 on SAT.1

In the new SAT.1 show "Die Festspiele der Reality Stars - Wer ist die hellste Kerze?" (The Festival of Reality Stars - Who's the Brightest Candle?), popular reality stars compete at MMC Studios for the fun title of "Brightest Candle on the Cake.

On behalf of RedSeven Entertainment were the MMC Studios for the technical TV production responsible for the show and the MMC Art Department provided for the Set construction.

In the curious, exciting and quirky studio games, the skills and general knowledge of the reality stars count just as much as self-irony and quick-wittedness. The colorful show is led by Jochen Schropp and Olivia Jones.

And these ten stars fight in the first episode for the prestigious exceptional title: Claudia Obert, Gina-Lisa Lohfink, Jürgen Milski, Matthias Mangiapane, Tobias Wegener, Ginger Costello-Wollersheim, Paul Janke, Julian F.M. Stoeckel, Yasin Cilingir and Theresia Fischer.

"Die Festspiele der Reality Stars - Wer ist die hellste Kerze?" on September 4 and September 11, at 8:15 p.m., on SAT.1.

All episodes are available free of charge online on the SAT.1 website from the start 7 days before until 28 days after TV broadcast.

Photo: 'The Festival of Reality Stars' at MMC Studios: Tobias Wegener and Jochen Schropp. © SAT.1/Willi Weber