"It's Just a Phase, Bunny" at MMC Studios

Filming of the top-class bestseller adaptation ES IST NUR EINE PHASE, HASE is in full swing at MMC Studios.

Since the beginning of August Oscar® winner Florian Gallenberger and producer Benjamin Herrmann with a top-class cast in Cologne and Munich the midlife crisis comedy IT'S JUST A PHASE, BUNNY, based on the bestseller by Maxim Leo and Jochen Gutsch. In the leading roles are Comedy star Christoph Maria Herbst and Emmy® winner Christiane Paul as a married couple in crisis in front of the camera, in other roles are Jürgen Vogel, Bettina Lamprecht, Peter Jordan, Jytte-Merle Böhrnsen and Ulrich Tukur to see.

About the film

Old-age puberty, the: A crisis-like state of insecurity in midlife in which those affected, severely hormonally confused, critically rethink and doubt the meaning of their previous existence.

What happened?
"My husband once drove 800 kilometers just to sleep with me. Now the already other side of the bed is too far away for him." (Emilia about Paul)
"Last weekend she wanted to boil down some jam." (Paul about Emilia)

Paul and Emilia were always the dream couple. He, author of several successful novels about the golf generation, she dubbing artist for telenovelas, together they have three children: Bo, who wants to know everything, Marie, who knows everything, and Fe, who is always angry. It could be so beautiful.

But in your late 40s, the physical impacts come closer. The hair thins, vision declines and so does the libido. At some point it dawns on the two: Only the others are still young.

When Emilia wants a relationship break after a one-night stand with the younger Ruben and throws herself into life, Paul looks into the abyss. His friends Theo and Jonathan stand by him with questionable advice, and his publisher rejects his new manuscript as "hopeless". In desperation, Paul resorts to antidepressants and testosterone tablets and begins an affair with his daughter's young teacher, which doesn't add much dignity to his existence either. Nothing brings back what he misses: his youth and Emilia.

At the 50th birthday of a mutual friend, Paul and Emilia meet again - the situation escalates and a divorce seems inevitable. But the children also have something to say about it...

For a whole year the Top 3 Best Seller IT'S JUST A PHASE, BUNNY of the two authors Maxim Leo and Jochen Gutsch in the Spiegel charts. Hundreds of thousands of readers have found themselves in the unsparing and trenchant observations on puberty and have had a good laugh.

The book used the erotic as well as physical restlessness of the Forty- and Fifty-Somethings to chronicle everyday self-degradation. For those who fight the inevitable with all their might often create moments of tragicomic beauty. The screenplay for the film adaptation was written by Malte Welding (SMS FÜR DICH) and Florian Gallenberger.

Since their student days, the filmmakers (now also no longer quite young) have been proving Florian Gallenberger and Benjamin Herrmann their flair for the best cinema entertainment: after the Oscar®-winning short film QUIERO SER, the award-winning JOHN RABE, the star-studded COLONIA DIGNIDAD with Emma Watson and Daniel Brühl and the heartwarming drama GRÜNER WIRD'S NICHT, SAGTE DER GÄRTNER UND FLOG DAVON with Elmar Wepper in the leading role, is IT'S JUST A PHASE, BUNNY the latest collaboration of the successful director/producer team.

In front of the camera, the two crowd favorites will be Christoph Maria Herbst (THE FORENAME, STROMBERG - THE FILM) and Christiane Paul ("Counterpart," ELTERN) defy old age puberty. Paul's fellow sufferers and best friends play Jürgen Vogel (HIN UND WEG, CLUB DER ROTEN BÄNDER - HOW IT ALL BEGAN) and Peter Jordan (AND WHO TAKES THE DOG?), Emilia's friends Bettina Lamprecht (THE CHRONICS OF THE CHANGU, "Pastewka") and Barbara Philipp (SYSTEMSPRENGER), the affairs of the two are played by Jytte-Merle Böhrnsen (KOKOWÄÄH 2) and from the Swiss newcomer Nicola Perot.

When the three children are Emilia Nöth ("Sløborn"), Bella bathing (LASSIE - AN ADVENTUROUS JOURNEY) and Wanja Valentin Kube to be seen. In guest roles play Ulrich Tukur (JOHN RABE, AND WHO TAKES THE DOG?) and Cordula Stratmann (SMS FOR YOU).

The image design takes over Christian pure (HOW TO BE SINGLE, LOVE ROSIE), the production design Ina Timmerberg (GUT GEGEN NORDWIND), the assembly Sven Budelmann (I'VE NEVER BEEN TO NEW YORK, THE MEDICUS).

IT'S ONLY A PHASE, HARE is a production of the Majestic Filmproduktion in cooperation with VIAFILM (Benedikt Böllhoff, Max Frauenknecht) and in co-production with ARD Degeto (Christine Strobl, Sebastian Lückel).

The film was sponsored by Film- und Medienstiftung NRW, FilmFernsehFonds Bayern, Filmförderungsanstalt and Deutscher Filmförderfonds. The project development was supported with funds from the Creative Europe MEDIA program of the EU.

IT IS ONLY A PHASE, HAS BEEN until the end of September at MMC Studios as well as in Cologne and Munich and surroundings shot.

Majestic Film Distribution will release IT'S ONLY A PHASE, HARE in theaters on October 28, 2021.

Photo: Leading actor Christoph Maria Herbst and leading actress Christiane Paul, together with director Florian Gallenberger (right) and producer Benjamin Herrmann (left) on set at MMC Studios. Credit: Majestic/Mathias Bothor