Premiere of "I Can See Your Voice" from MMC Studios today on RTL

Can you tell by looking at someone whether he or she can sing - without ever having heard the voice? The music comedy show produced by Tresor TV at MMC Studios provides the answer today.

On behalf of the Safe TV Production Ltd. are the MMC Studios for the complete technical TV production of the show as well as for the lighting technology and the sound system. The Set design comes from Rainer Becher and his design team at the MMC Art Department. The stage design was created by the experienced stage and decoration builders of the Art Department implemented.

About "I Can See Your Voice:
Now comes the Show hit from South Korea, which is enjoying great success throughout Asia, to Germany. "I Can See Your Voice" offers a show full of bizarre deceptions, fun as well as verbal repartee, while inviting the whole family to guess along: Who is a real singing talent and who is just bluffing?

Seven unknowns on a show stage: Who is a talented singer and who is an unrestrained swindler without any singing quality? In several rounds of the game try a Music star and his super fan to separate the wheat from the chaff with intuition and knowledge of human nature as well as by giving hints.

In the both episodes on August 18 and 19 occur once Sasha with his fan as a guessing team and once Vanessa Mai plus fan.

The five-member Celebrity Panel from Evelyn Burdecki, Jorge Gonzalez, Thomas Hermanns, Tim Mälzer and Judith Rakers, guesses along and provides additional fun with tips and loose sayings.

Round after round, the music star and his biggest fan say goodbye to a candidate. And each farewell provides a Show highlight, because on the "Stage of truth"Now the eliminated star is performing. Now it becomes clear: Has the star made out an impostor with a crooked voice or given a great singing talent the boot?

The candidate who makes it to the finals gets to play in the Duet with the music star sing. Here we see the hard truth: golden throat or cat musician?

Only if the last candidate is a top singer, the music star wins a cash prize of 10,000 euros for his superfan.

RTL will premiere "I Can See Your Voice" on Aug. 18 at 8:15 p.m.

The second episode will already tomorrow, August 19, 2020, aired.

Both shows will also be shown on RTL Group's platform TVNOW streamed.

Photo: The celebrity panel consisting of (from left) Jorge González, Thomas Hermanns, Judith Rakers, Tim Mälzer and Evelyn Burdecki. On the right in the picture: host Daniel Hartwich. © TVNOW / Frank W. Hempel