"Who's Watching This?!" from MMC Studios starting Tuesday, July 21, on ProSieben

ProSieben will show the world's first show quiz show from Tuesday, July 21, 2020.

Moderated by Ruth Moschner fight at "Who can see that!" in every show quiz show two prominent rate teams against each other. You will see acrobats, bands, dancers or other funny and spectacular performances on the show stage.

Ehrlich Brothers
Ehrlich Brothers. Credit: ProSieben/Willi Weber

But they mustn't let that blind them - because after the performances, things get serious for the guessing teams.

With which hand did the acrobat reach into the trapeze after his triple somersault - with the right or with the left? In which order were the body parts touched during the Schuhplattler? What color were the singer's earrings? No one knows in advance which question will be asked. And only those who look very closely and remember every detail win.

"Who can see that!" is based on the show concept "Watch!" of the Canadian distributor Media Ranch.

ProSieben is the first transmitters worldwide, who has this show produced. Produced are the three issues the show quiz show from Talpa Germany GmbH.

WSDD: Axel Stein, Til Schweiger, Olivia Jones, Mario Basler
WSDD: from left Axel Stein, Til Schweiger, Olivia Jones and Mario Basler. Credit: ProSieben/Willi Weber

On behalf of Talpa Germany, the MMC Studios at "Who can see that?!" for the technical TV production and the Set construction responsible.

In the Premiere sequence on July 21 play Til Schweiger and Axel stone against Olivia Jones and Mario Basler for a good cause. Who of them will take a closer look and who can best remember details of the performances on the show stage?

"Who's Watching This?!", starting July 21, 2020, on Tuesdays, at 8:15 p.m., on ProSieben.

Cover photo: Ruth Moschner. Credit: ProSieben/Bernd Jaworek