"Ninja Warrior Germany - The most spectacular moments of all time" on 03.07. on RTL

Shortly before broadcasting the Anniversary Relay 2020 (5 years of "Ninja Warrior Germany" on RTL), which will start in mid-June in the MMC Studios was recorded, the presenters speak Frank "Buschi" Bushman, Laura Wontorra and Jan Köppen about the most beautiful, exciting and bizarre Ninja Moments of all time: including the most blatant course fails, the strongest athletes and the most quick-witted dialogues.

"Ninja Warrior Germany" is a production of the RTL STUDIOS.

As with the last seasons "Ninja Warrior Germany," was also the Set design for "Ninja Warrior Germany" 2020 on behalf of RTL Studios by Rainer Becher and his team at the MMC Art Department developed.

This show is unpredictable! With "Ninja Warrior Germany," RTL has repeatedly given viewers the gift of great moments to marvel.

In this Special the presenters Frank Buschmann, Jan Köppen and Laura Wontorra review their absolute highlights: the most blatant course failures, the cleverest ninjas and their choreographies at the obstacles, the bravest celebrities from the celebrity specials, the strongest families, the silliest sayings and the greatest successes.

The following also have their say prominent ninja athletessuch as Benni Grams, Moritz Hans, Arleen Schüßler and Rene Casselly.

Oliver Edelmann made ninja history by hitting the buzzer just 1.3 seconds before time expired in the first final course, setting the stage for becoming the first "Last Man Standing."

The following categories are highlighted, among others:
Emotional & extraordinary stories
Last Man Standing & Last Woman Standing
The moderators
The oldest athletes
The most unusual outfits
The most creative battle announcements
The fastest exits
The most beautiful buzzer moments
The most spectacular departures
The strongest athletes
The strongest families
The strongest women
The specials (celebrity specials, 4-nation specials)

"Ninja Warrior Germany - The most spectacular moments of all time" on Friday, July 3, at 8:15 p.m. on RTL.

Photo: Presenter Laura Wontorra interviews athlete Peter Bruckmüller from Göppingen. © TVNOW / Stefan Gregorowius