TVN and MMC Studios provide new attractions at the "Erlebniszentrum Naturgewalten" on the island of Sylt

You are still looking for tips for excursions in summer? Visit the "Erlebniszentrum Naturgewalten" on the beautiful North Sea island of Sylt.

On behalf of TVN Corporate Media has the Art Department of MMC Studios three new exhibits built for the adventure center in List on Sylt and installed them there, namely two paragliding stations and a Hot air balloon station.

Adventure Center Forces of NatureThey were built in the attic of the center, based on a Exhibition design of the MMC-Set Designers Rainer Becher.

With the help of a Virtual Reality Glasses you can now see the island on a virtual tour with a Paraglider experience from above.

For those who prefer a less speedy flight over the island, in a Hot air balloon gondola take a seat. There, visitors are also taken into the sky above Sylt with the help of VR glasses.

Adventure Center Forces of NatureInstead of a sightseeing flight, however, the route here takes you specifically to the Sylt Museum, the Eidum bird berth, the Wadden Sea Ark and the Braderup Nature Center. And if you like, you can also take a virtual look around the exhibitions themselves.

The exhibits are part of the Exhibition, which aims to present and convey the diversity, beauty and dynamics of the seas and coasts, as well as the experience of natural forces.

The Adventure Center Forces of Nature was in may 2020 reopened after a Corona-related break.

If you are planning to visit Sylt this summer, this nature discovery center is definitely worth a visit!

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Photo Credit: Adventure Center Forces of Nature