Start of DSDS live shows at MMC Studios: New host, new rules, new challenges

The top 7 candidates of "Deutschland sucht den Superstar" will compete in a total of four live shows on the big DSDS stage at the MMC Studios starting at 8:15 p.m. on Saturday, March 14.

Alexander Klaws, the DSDS winner of the first season and celebrated musical star, will host the RTL live shows.

The special challenge for the candidates in the first live show is to create their own style to go with their solo performances.

From the first show on, viewers can vote by phone and SMS to determine which singers will advance to the next round. And for the first time, the jury also has a voice: Each juror has a newly designed golden CD on the desk, visibly symbolizing 5%'s share of the vote. If the juror thinks that a performance was particularly good, he can hand over his golden CD to that person.

The jury percentages awarded will be added to the viewers' voting results at the end of the show. The new Golden CD rule only applies to the first three live shows. In the finale, only the viewers will continue to decide!

In each live show, the person with the fewest votes leaves the show, until in the grand live finale on April 4, 2020, starting at 8:15 p.m., at MMC Studios the four best singers will compete for the victory.

All live shows in UHD

All four live shows of DSDS will again be produced in UHD this year and broadcast on RTL UHD. UHD distribution partners in Germany are HD+ via satellite, Deutsche Telekom with Magenta TV and or in the cable network. In Austria, RTL UHD can also be received via SimpliTV Sat HD, and in Switzerland, RTL UHD has been distributed on Sunrise's IPTV network since the end of February 2020.

Photo: The Top 7 candidates, from left: Joshua Tappe, Lydia Kelovitz, Marcio Pereira Conrado, Paulina Wagner, Chiara D'Amico, Ramon Kaselowsky and Ricardo Rodrigues. Credit: TVNOW / Stefan Gregorowius