Season 2 of "The Masked Singer" starts today - live from MMC Studios!

Which star is hiding under the fuzzy, the dragon or the robot?

Celestial, hellish, sleepy, electrifying, stage-struck, shady, flamboyant, fuzzy, pink or just plain cute - these are the ten new masks on "The Masked Singer" 2020, the from Tuesday, March 10, at 8:15 p.m. live on ProSieben conquer the show stage.

The goddess, the dragon, the sloth, the robot, the chameleon, the cockroach, the dalmatian, the fuzzy, the bat and the rabbit are already presenting viewers and the Masked Singer guessing team with Germany's biggest TV riddle: Which stars are hiding under the masks? In the first live show there is already the first live reveal!

The Masked Singer" is produced by EndemolShine Germany, on whose behalf the MMC Studios for the complete technical TV production and the Set construction and for the Lighting technology and the Sound system responsible.

These are the new masks:
THE GODDESS radiates sublime calm and serenity. It is the heaviest costume, weighing 35 kilograms.
THE DRAGON is a real fighter. Each of the 5,000 scales was cut out by hand, painted, airbrushed and attached to the custom armor.
THE FAULTIER prefers to rest in his hammock. His chain consists of 200 slices of stone walnut.
THE ROBOT shows heart. The mask consists of about 250 individual parts and the costume has two mini computers.
THE CHAMELEON is a real show animal. There are about 500,000 "magic sequins" on the costume.
THE KAKERLAKE likes to hang out in dark corners and is always looking for the best deal. Extra breastplate was made for the costume.
THE DALMATINER is a real show diva. The hem of the velvet dress, gloves, belt and the handmade XXL sunglasses are studded with several hundred Swarovski stones.
THE WUSH left his life at the cab mirror. For the costume was processed 60 meters of artificial fur.
THE SPRINGMAUS stands out among its peers and surprises with a special special effect. For her wings was made a special frame of wire and covered with several fabrics.
THE HARE is a real romantic and a little scatterbrained. About 2,000 small and large flower heads have been individually hand-attached to his dress.

This is how "The Masked Singer" works:
"The Masked Singer" features ten stars from all walks of life in elaborate, oversized costumes that completely disguise them.

The guessing team, Ruth Moschner, Rea Garvey as well as his weekly changing celebrity rate guest., and viewers can only speculate about the identity of the stars behind the masks - the only clues: small clues in interludes, the stage performance and the real, unalienated voice during their songs. The host of the singing quiz show is Matthias Opdenhövel.

The big "The Masked Singer" LIVE show evening on ProSieben and on Joyn on Tuesday, March 10, 2020:

- "red. - The Masked Singer Countdown", at 20:00.
- "The Masked Singer," at 8:15 p.m.

Photo: The robot. Credit: ProSieben/Willi Weber