MMC Studios' Art Department delivers set design for "Ninja Warrior Germany" 2020

Germany's most successful physical gameshow will go on air in 2020 with a completely new structure. From the May 21, 2020 produces RTL Studios in Karlsruhe nine regular shows, a Celebrity Special and first time also a complete season "Ninja Warrior Germany Kids.

The Set design for all shows will be made by Rainer Becher and his team at the Art Department the MMC Studios developed.

There has never been so much new on "Ninja Warrior Germany" as there is this year

While the Season 5 "Ninja Warrior Germany" again at RTL is broadcast and at TVNOW can be streamed, "Ninja Warrior Germany Kids" as Premiere on TVNOW run and at a later date at TOGGO/SUPER RTL to be seen.

"Ninja Warrior Germany Kids" is the first collaboration between TVNOW and SUPER RTL.

All innovations in the game play of the season 5

In the 5th relay there will be five preliminary rounds instead of seven with more athletes and more obstacles per preliminary round. The 20 best athletes will advance to the semifinals. If there are no female athletes among them, the two best women will also qualify for the semifinals.

For the two fastest athletes, there will be a new challenge at the end of the five preliminary shows: A direct duel at a height of more than 10 meters at the "Power Tower". The respective winners can look forward to a cash prize and direct qualification for the final. The "Mega Wall", which was introduced in 2019, will also be part of the event.

This year, the semifinals and finals will consist of two shows each. Of the minimum 100 athletes in the two semifinal shows, 50 will advance to the final. Previously, 28 athletes had always made it to the finals, so the chance of a winner is almost doubled.

In the first final show, a course with a time limit awaits these athletes. All athletes who complete the course in the specified time advance to final show 2, at the end of which, as always, is Mount Midoriyama. The athlete who conquers this final obstacle within the specified time wins the victory bonus of 300,000 euros and is crowned the first "Ninja Warrior Germany.

Photo: The set of "Ninja Warrior Germany" in the dm Arena in Karlsruhe. Credit: TVNOW / Markus Hertrich