Students of MIB Academy at MMC Studios shoot thriller "Aquilegia" in Croatia

The budding media designers at the MIB Academy in the MMC Studios are currently working intensively on their first major film project and have also launched a crowdfunding campaign.

Your Thriller "Aquilegia tells the story of a young couple visiting the abandoned prison island of Goli Otok off the Croatian coast. In good spirits, they explore the ruins, but when the boat does not return at the agreed time, the story takes an unexpected turn.

The main roles are played by professional actors Clara Immel, Charif Ounis and Richard Bargel.

The short film after a Script of the students Jonas Mertens and Dominic Leue is used by Maximilian Altpass stages.

Luca Lederer and Hendrick Dyga lead the Camera. In total are 20 students of the MIB Academy involved in the project.

WeFadeToGrey and the MMC Studios support the students in the area of post-production. The Color Grading is shown in the grading cinema "The Suite" was carried out at the MMC Studios.

To help finance the film, the students also created a Crowdfunding campaign launched, which is well on its way to achieving its goal.

You can find more information here:

Photo: MIB Academy