DSDS Recall with MMC Studios in Cape Town - on February 25 on RTL

On Feb. 25 at 8:15 p.m., RTL will show the third episode of the DSDS foreign recalls in South Africa - this time from Cape Town.

MMC Studios and DSDS in Cape Town
MMC's Detlef Maeser and Martin Palka at Camps Bay Beach. © MMC Studios / Detlef Maeser

The Art Department the MMC Studios was commissioned by UFA SHOW & FACTUAL in South Africa to create the sets and decorations for the foreign call shows at the beautiful Garden Route and in the most famous metropolis in South Africa, Cape Town, build up.

After the first two episodes of the foreign call in the Tsitsikamma National Park were filmed, tonight's episode shows the performances of the remaining candidates in Camps Bay, one of the most beautiful parts of Cape Town with long white sandy beach, many bars and restaurants and the 12 Apostles mountain range in the back.

At famous Camps Bay Beach The MMC Art Department set the stage for the competition, which will determine who will make it to the Recall finale in South Africa.

MMC Studios and DSDS in Cape Town
In Cape Town, the weather changes quickly. © MMC Studios / Detlef Maeser

The groups and songs of today's episode:

Paulina Wagner, Kristina Shloma, Isabell Heck: "Everlasting Love", Sandra

Kevin Jenewein, Raphael Goldmann, Ricardo Rodrigues: "Bring it On Home To Me," Sam Cooke

Chiara D'Amico, Nataly Fechter, Lydia Kelovitz, Tamara Lara Pérez: Back To Back, Amy Winehouse

Manolito Schwarz, Elvin Kovaci, Kevin Amendola: "My Star", Ayman

Liron Blumberg, Kosta "Kreativa", Francesco Mobilia: "Shape Of You", Ed Sheeran

Lorna Hysa, Kathrin "Katja" Bibert, Nicole Frolov: "Rise Up," Andra Day

Joshua Tappe, Ramon Kaselowsky, Marcio Pereira Conrado: "I Can't Help Myself," The Four Tops.

"Deutschland sucht den Superstar" - The Foreign Recall in Cape Town on February 25, 2020 at 8:15 p.m. on RTL and TVNOW.

Cover photo: The DSDS jury (from left) Xavier Naidoo, Oana Nechiti, Pietro Lombardi and Dieter Bohlen on the third set of the foreign recalls on the famous beach of Camps Bay. Source: TVNOW / Stefan Gregorowius.