DSDS Recall with MMC Studios in South Africa - on February 18 on RTL

On Feb. 18 at 8:15 p.m., RTL will show the first episode of the DSDS foreign recalls in South Africa.

The Art Department the MMC Studios was commissioned by UFA SHOW & FACTUAL on site to create the sets and decorations for the South Africa shows at the beautiful Garden Route and in the most famous metropolis in South Africa, Cape Town, build up.

DSDS with MMC Studios in South Africa
Preparing for the shoot. Credit: MMC Studios / Detlef Maeser

The first filming location was the Nature's Valley at Tsitsikamma National Park, for many visitors the most beautiful place on the Garden Route.

What makes this place is breathtaking: majestic mountains, rugged coastlines and miles of beaches with turquoise waters.

Here entered the Best 26 candidates the first time to enter the Move into the live shows to fight.

In tonight's episode (Feb. 18, 8:15 p.m. on RTL and TVNOW), the candidates perform in groups of 3 and 4 in front of the jury.

DSDS With MMC Studios in South Africa
From left: Tamara Lara Pérez, Nataly Fechter and Paulina Wagner. In the foreground: Lydia Kelovitz. Credit: TVNOW / Stefan Gregorowius

The Top 26 of "Deutschland sucht den Superstar":

Carolin Milena Kries (12.07.2003 / 16) Schoolgirl from Dahlheim

Chiara D'Amico (22.04.2001/18) Student from Frankfurt

Daniela Washington Matias (26.01.2003/17) Student from Mutlangen

Elvin Kovaci (09/19/2002/17) Apprentice office management assistant from Burladingen

Francesco Mobilia (18.06.1998/21) Specialist for system catering and customer advisor in the customer center from Oberstenfeld

Isabell Heck (05/28/1995/24) Junior dispatcher from Cologne

Joshua Tappe (09/28/1994/25) Customer consultant from Holzminden

Kathrin (Katja) Bibert (25.06.1999/20) Singer from Hamburg

Kevin Amendola (27.01.1993/26) Temporary worker from Stuttgart

Kevin Jenewein (11.08.1993/26) Carpenter from Sulzbach

Kosta Kreativa (12.06.1991/28) cook, hair & makeup artist, bank employee from Berlin

Kristina Shloma (03.06.1997/22) Retail saleswoman from Eggenfelden

Liron Blumberg (19.05.2003/16) Student from Zurich, Switzerland

Lorna Hysa (15.04.1992/27) Student from Tirana, Albania

Luis Molicnik (18.04.2000/19) Tennis coach from Lübbecke

Lydia Kelovitz (08.03.1990/29) Insurance saleswoman from St. Egyden am Steinfeld

Marcio Pereira Conrado (21.01.94/26) Promoter from Glarus, Switzerland

Manolito Schwarz (24.02.1992/27) looking for work from Münster

Nataly Fechter (11/15/1993/26) Pharmaceutical commercial assistant from Prinzersdorf, Austria

Nicole Frolov (08/24/2003/16) Student from Rietberg

Paulina Wagner (02.05.1997/22) Student from Cologne

Ramon Kaselowsky (07.12.1993/26) Building cleaner from Zschernitz

Raphael Goldmann (28.12.1991/28) Technician in aviation from Westerstede

Ricardo Rodrigues (08.05.1998/21) Employee in the Jumphouse from Basel

Tamara Lara Pérez (13.10.1999/20) Businesswoman from Hedingen in Switzerland

Vanissa Toufeili (09.08.1996 / 23 years), secretary and student from Spreitenbach (Switzerland)

"Deutschland sucht den Superstar" - The Foreign Recall in South Africa at 8:15 p.m. on RTL and TVNOW.

Photo: Xavier Naidoo, Oana Nechiti, Pietro Lombardi and Dieter Bohlen at Nature's Valley Beach. Source: TVNOW / Stefan Gregorowius.