On Monday, February 10, Big Brother 2020 kicks off with a big move-in show - live from the MMC Studios

The most famous reality show in the world is back! The anniversary season of the mother of all reality shows starts on Monday, February 10, 2020, at 8:15 p.m. live on SAT.1.

Then SAT.1 also presents the 14 residents in front of them. In the new season, they have to face the question: "What is a human being worth? About a SAT.1 app viewers can rate the residents and thereby influence the broadcast.

In addition to the residents, the "Big Brother" House the focus of interest. For this season, the question is: Futuristic glass house or digital detox in a log cabin? Where does it live better and what effect does the corresponding environment have on a person? From Monday, the residents will 100 days have time to figure this out for themselves.

In the futuristic Glass house life seems luxurious and carefree at first glance. Technical refinements and gadgets make the residents' everyday lives easier. But: In the glass house, the residents are also exposed to the permanent feedback of the viewers!

Key data glass house:
Interior area: 198 m²
Outdoor area: 201 m²
Total area: 399 m²

"Back to the Roots", that could be the motto of the Log house describe. Although significantly more teamwork is required here to maintain a comfortable standard of living, the inhabitants of the log cabin are not directly confronted with the viewers' feedback.

Key data log house:
Interior area: 90 m²
Outdoor area: 175 m²
Total area: 265 m²

Both houses and their inhabitants are monitored by a total of 95 cameras as well as 32 atmo mics and 16 wireless mics, so that nothing escapes the viewers' attention.

On behalf of Endemol Shine Germany, the MMC Studios on "Big Brother" for the technical TV production, the Set design and the Set construction responsible.

The houses:

The resident rating with the SAT.1 app:

This year the Viewers for the first time have the opportunity to re-evaluate the behavior of the residents every day. With "BW" (resident value), SAT.1 exposes the residents to constant evaluation. Users of the SAT.1 app can determine the value of the residents once a day by awarding 1 to 5 stars. Users decide for themselves when they want to vote.

Viewers will find out what impact the rating has on the show from presenter Jochen Schropp in the big move-in show on Monday, February 10, 2020, at 8:15 p.m. on SAT.1 - live from the MMC Studios!

"Big Brother" starting Monday, Feb. 10, 2020:

- Mondays, 8:15 pm live and Mon-Fri, 7:00 p.m. on SAT.1 and on Joyn
- On Mondays, after the SAT.1 live show "Big Brother - The Late Night Show", live on sixx and on Joyn
- The repeat of the daily summary Mon-Fri, 10:00 a.m. on SAT.1

Tickets for the weekly live shows at MMC Studios is available here: https://tickets.endemolshine.de/shows/242-big-brother/

Additional content and all info about "Big Brother" also on www.bigbrother.de and via the red button on the remote control.

Photos: © SAT.1/Willi Weber