"Grandchildren for Beginners" in theaters from February 6

On February 6, STUDIOCANAL Germany will release Wolfgang Groos' comedy "Enkel für Anfänger," which was filmed at MMC Studios, among other locations, in German cinemas.

Retirement? Not for a long time yet! In "Grandchildren for beginners", three pensioners find their new destiny as "surrogate nannies" and "surrogate daddies" and thus unexpectedly start the most turbulent and fulfilling time of their lives.

On Nordic walking and senior classes at the university have retired Karin (Maren Kroymann), Gerhard (Heiner Lauterbach) and Philippa (Barbara Sukowa) didn't feel like it. And Karin and Gerhard have never had anything to do with children and grandchildren.

Grandchildren for beginners

That's why Philippa, who is living life to the full as Leonie's godmother, helps them both become unexpected grandparents. In no time at all, they have two "lively" godchildren to look after, a huge bouncy castle standing in the garden and Lego bricks stuck to their feet.

Three not-so-young rookies meet advanced family madness: hyperactive patchwork siblings, frowning helicopter parents and single moms with their Tinder profiles including...

Director Wolfgang Groos ("The Vampire Sisters") assembles an unbeatable ensemble for his highly pointed comedy: First and foremost Maren Kroymann ("Der Junge muss an die frische Luft") - who was awarded the coveted Rose d'Or Award for lifetime achievement in London on December 1 -, Barbara Sukowa ("Hannah Arendt") and Heiner Lauterbach ("Willkommen bei den Hartmanns," "Wir sind die Neuen") with supreme accuracy on the senior front.

The trio infernale must take on equally rhetorically adept counterparts from the categories of stuffy, adolescent and snotty - embodied, among others, by Günther Maria Halmer ("The Policeman and the Girl"), Dominic Raacke ("South City"), Lavinia Wilson ("Germany 86"), Palina Rojinski ("Welcome to the Hartmanns"), Paula Kalenberg ("Kokowääh 2"), Tim Oliver Schultz ("Red Ribbon Club"), Julius Weckauf ("The boy must get some fresh air") and Maya Lauterbach ("Tannbach - Fate of a Village" / S2).

"Grandchildren for Beginners": theatrical release on February 6, 2020