"Alles auf Freundschaft - Die Mälzer & Sasha Show" live from the MMC Studios

In "Alles auf Freundschaft - Die Mälzer & Sasha Show," Tim Mälzer and Sasha put their friendship to the test! On Fri., Jan. 31, and Sun., Feb. 2, RTL will present the new game show at 8:15 p.m. each day - live from the MMC Studios!

The live shows are all about true friendship. Whether John Watson & Sherlock Holmes, Winnetou & Old Shatterhand or Asterix & Obelix. They all have a special relationship that lasts a lifetime.

So it is with celebrity chef Tim Mälzer and pop star Sasha. The two men from Hamburg met and found each other. A male friendship that nothing can destroy. Together they are unbeatable. Apparently. Because now the two have to face off in "Alles auf Freundschaft - Die Mälzer & Sasha Show," hosted by Steffen Hallaschka, prove exactly that.

For this, they fight against a pair of spectators who are also "Best Friends" to show how well they really get along. In a casino atmosphere, ten rounds are played in various categories such as sports, action, skill, talent and knowledge. The goal: 100,000 euros! A male friendship put to the test. Who are the better best friends?

The profit:
If the challengers win, they take home the 100,000 euros. If Tim Mälzer and Sasha decide the match in their favor, it's: "The bill is on us!" That's why the best friends will be accompanied by a camera team immediately after the show, because then they have to use the money sensibly for a purpose of their own choosing within 24 hours.

The game:
Ten rounds of games await the duos of friends. But before they can place their chips and gamble in the casino atmosphere, they have to choose from ten fields at the beginning of each round, behind which the games are hidden. Then it's on! How much do the competing teams want to bet on their success in the next challenge? How well will they master the game? Because the winning pair will cash in the staked chips of both teams and collect them in the final pot. The more chips in the pot, the higher the chances of winning the final!

In the end, it's all or nothing! One last question decides. The teams place the chips from their final pot as cleverly as possible among the possible answers. Do they know the solution or do they have to guess? Whoever hits the right result among the answer options and has bet more wins the show.

Celebrity chef Tim Mälzer and singer Sasha have had a deep friendship for more than 15 years. The two met at an after-show party at the ECHO awards in Berlin. Since then, they have shared skiing vacations and a legendary three-day buddy trip - by car from Germany to Mallorca - with plenty of flat jokes in their luggage.

True to the motto "Real friends don't always tell you what you want to hear, but what you need to hear," their friendship is also particularly characterized by honesty. And despite their different professions, Tim Mälzer and Sasha have one hobby in common: food. It doesn't matter whether it's the classic steak and chips or unusual molecular cuisine. The highlight of their friendship so far: Tim Mälzer was not only allowed to be Sasha's best man, but is also godfather to his son.

"Alles auf Freundschaft - Die Mälzer & Sasha Show" is produced by the Riverside Entertainment Ltd. in collaboration with tibool Media GmbH. On behalf of Riverside Entertainment, the MMC Studios for the complete technical production and, among other things, for the Lighting technology and Sound system responsible. The MMC Art Department is connected with the Decoration, stage and grandstand construction and entrusted with the Media technology and the Games construction.

Tickets for both shows are available here: https://tvtickets.de/info.php?show=AaF

Photo: musician Sasha and celebrity chef Tim Mälzer (r.). Credit: TVNOW / Thomas Pritschet