The 13th season of 'Let's Dance' starts on February 21 - live from the MMC studios. These stars are taking part.

As of today, all the candidates who will take to the dance floor in the 13th season of "Let's Dance" at the MMC studios have been announced.

These are the 14 celebrities who will be appearing on Friday, February 21 from 8:15 p.m. on "Let's Dance - Who's dancing with whom? Die große Kennenlern-Show" want to find their dance partner for the next few months:

John Kelly
John Kelly

Singer, musician & composer John Kelly (52)

Footballer Ailton (46)

Model Loiza Lamers (25)

Presenter Ulrike von der Groeben (62)

Soccer player Steffi Jones (47)

Moderator Sükrü Pehlivan (47)


Sabrina Setlur
Sabrina Setlur

Rapper Sabrina Setlur (46)

Comedian Ilka Bessin (48)

TV personality & model Laura Müller (19)

Artist Lili Paul-Roncalli (21)

Singer Luca Hänni (25)

Actor Tijan Njie (28)

Actor Martin Klempnow (46)


Ilka Bessin
Ilka Bessin

"Last Man Standing" (Ninja Warrior Germany) Moritz Hans (23)

Which star will turn out to be an absolute natural in 2020? Who will be the audience's favorite? And who can win over the critical jury consisting of Motsi Mabuse (38), Joachim Llambi (55) and Jorge Gonzalez (52) convince?

This is evident from the February 21, 2020when "Let's Dance" begins with the big get-to-know-you show - hosted by Victoria Swarovski (26) and Daniel Hartwich (41) - is entering its 13th round on RTL.

Tickets for "Let's Dance" are awarded in a special distribution process. You can find more information here:

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Cover photo: Jorge Gonzalez (left), Motsi Mabuse and Joachim Llambi at MMC Studio 32 in Cologne. Credit: MG RTL D / Guido Engels

Photo 2: John Kelly. Credit: TVNOW / Christian Barz

Photo 3: Sabrina Setlur. Credit: TVNOW / Mayk Azzato

Photo 4: Ilka Bessin. Credit: TVNOW / Bernd-Michael Maurer