"Genial daneben - Die Weihnachtsshow" from MMC Studios on Wednesday, December 4, on SAT.1

Double presents for Hugo Egon Balder: In its Advent Special "Genial daneben - Die Weihnachtsshow" on Wednesday, December 4, at 8:15 p.m. on SAT.1, the host may be pleased with Thomas Gottschalk and Mike Kruger two super sleuths in the guessing team.

Why did the Bavarian town of Zwiesel hold a Christmas market in April 2017? Why did a U.S. citizen take six flights in three days at Christmas 2018? Where does the expression "Heilig's Blechle" come from?

In addition to Gottschalk and Krüger, the following are also taking part Jeannine Michaelsen, Ilka Bessin, Dieter Nuhr, Horst Lichter, Guido Cantz, Chris Tall, Thorsten Sträter, Thorsten Bear as well as the fixed rate specialists Hella von Sinnen and Wigald Boning the crazy questions of the viewers and celebrate their first Christmas party. Christmas carols, Christmas decorations, a big surprise package and presents from Thomas Gottschalk himself included.

"I've been wondering for some time how a person like me, who studied German for two semesters and actually wanted to be a German teacher, ended up on a show like this. Now I know," says the showmaster.

The three-hour Christmas special was in Studio 36 of the MMC Studios recorded. In the process, MMC was commissioned by Constantin Entertainment for the technical TV production and the Set construction responsible.

"Genial daneben - Die Weihnachtsshow" on Wednesday, December 4, 2019, at 8:15 p.m. on SAT.1

Photo: Hella von Sinnen, Mike Krüger, Thomas Gottschalk, Chris Tall and Wigald Boning at the Genial daneben Christmas show at MMC Studio 36. Credit: SAT.1/Guido Engels.