Filming for "Laura's Star" at MMC Studios

The successful animated film is coming to theaters as a live-action adaptation.

The young director Joya Thome is currently filming the live-action adaptation of LAURAS STERN - With Luise Heyer and Ludwig Trepte as "Laura's parents" and Emilia Kowalski as "Laura" in the leading roles.

The first take for the exciting family adventure, whose heartfelt and funny story already promises cinema entertainment suitable for children, already took place in Hamburg on October 8. The real-life version of LAURAS STERN is the ideal first big cinema experience for children.

The history of the eponymous Book series by Klaus Baumgart has already won over and thrilled many young viewers and families as a TV series and as an animated movie adventure.

Now director Joya Thome ("KÖNIGIN VON NIENDORF"), together with producers Maya Gräfin Rothkirch (Rothkirch Cartoon-Film), Christian Becker (Westside Filmproduktion) and Willi Geike (Warner Bros. Film Productions Germany), is bringing the real-life adaptation of the material to the big screen.

The Script was written by the author Claudia Seibl revised, based on the 2004 animated film script of the same name by Michael Mädel, Piet de Rycker, Thilo Count Rothkirch and Alexander Lindner as well as the book series by Klaus Baumgart.

Short Content:
Little Laura (Emilia Kowalski) is a bright girl. But when she moves to a new town with her parents (Luise Heyer, Ludwig Trepte) and her brother Tommy (Michel Koch), she misses her old home very much and has a hard time making new friends.

When she observes a small star falling from the sky one evening and finds it with a broken point, she comforts it and treats it with a plaster.

Together, she and the star experience magical adventures that make Laura's most imaginative dreams come true, and they quickly become friends.

With the help of the star, she finally feels she has arrived home. But Laura and her star soon have to part ways again, because the little star cannot survive on Earth. Suddenly, the neighbor boy Max (Jonas May) is there to support her in this difficult time and becomes a good friend for Laura.

LAURAS STERN is a production of Rothkirch Cartoon-Film, Westside Filmproduktion GmbH and Warner Bros. Film Productions Germany in co-production with Animationsfabrik GmbH.

Subsidies the film has so far received from Film- und Medienstiftung NRW GmbH, Filmförderung Hamburg Schleswig-Holstein GmbH and the German Federal Film Fund (DFFF).

Filmed was shot on locations in the greater NRW area as well as in Hamburg and Liège.

The Filming last a total of 41 days, the final scenes will until December 4 in Cologne at the MMC Studios realized, where the MMC Art Department on 2,000 square meters an impressive Film set has built.

LAURAS STERN will distributed by Warner Bros. Pictures brought to cinemas nationwide.

Photo: On the set of LAURAS STERN at MMC Studios, behind: Christian Becker (Producer Westside Filmproduktion GmbH), Christina Bentlage (Head of Funding and authorized signatory Film- und Medienstiftung NRW), Joya Thome (Director), Maya Gräfin Rothkirch (Producer Rothkirch Cartoon Film GmbH), Philipp Walz (Producer Development Local Productions Warner Bros. Entertainment GmbH), front: Jonas May (role Max), Emilia Kowalski (role Laura), Michel Koch (role Tommy). Credit: ©2019 TOM TRAMBOW