The "3satLänder-Roast" at the MMC Studios

In the "3satLänder-Roast" produced by btf, the ultimate comedy battle between Germany, Austria and Switzerland will take place at the MMC Studios. Three countries that at first glance resemble each other in many ways...

At second glance, however, they are anything but a harmonious love triangle. The rather intimate and ambivalent neighborhood around the Alps is characterized by malice, ridicule and affection. Who better to act as mediator than 3sat?

Moderated by Janin Ullmann stand with Erika Ratcliffe, Dominic Deville and Ingmar Stadelmann three comedians from the 3sat countries face off. In short stand-up bits, they work through current and timeless topics from each other's countries of origin and put their fingers in wide-open wounds.

The guests are not the only ones exposed to the sometimes crude, sometimes laudatory, but in any case entertaining tirades in the "3satLänder-Roast": The audience, which is in the studio to actively support the 3sat countries, also witnesses this lusty exchange of blows.

The "3satLänder-Roast" is the unsparing and blunt debate, the cleansing thunderstorm over the diplomatic relations of Germany, Austria and Switzerland. The dispute after which everyone sits down by the cozy fireplace, reconciles and becomes aware of what they have in common.

The MMC Studios provide the comedy show for the Studio, the Decoration construction and the Lighting technology.

3sat will show the "3satLänder-Roast" on Monday, December 30, 2019, at 11:30 pm.

Tickets for the recording on Friday, November 29, 2019, at MMC Studios are available at

Photo: © ZDF / Bildundtonfabrik Cologne