Bauhaus series "The New Era" filmed at MMC Studios premieres on Arte and ZDF

100 years after the founding of the legendary Bauhaus School of Art and Design in Weimar, the six-part, et al. Bauhaus series "The New Era" filmed at MMC Studios on September 5. their premiere on Arte.

After the initial broadcast of the first three episodes run a week later, on Thursday, September 12, three more episodes. Already from August 29 are the first three episodes online on available for retrieval.

At ZDF is the high end series from Sunday, September 15, on three consecutive days, each at 10:15 p.m., in double episodes. In the ZDF Media Library the consequences are already in each case One week before retrievable.

"The New Era" by Lars Kraume is a fictional series, but it closely follows historical figures and events. In addition to Anna Maria trouble and August Diehl Valerie Pachner, Ludwig Trepte, Hanns Zischler, Corinna Kirchhoff, Birgit Minichmayr and Sebastian Blomberg, among others, can be seen in other roles.

In the frame story journalist Stine Branderup interviews Gropius (August Diehl), who lives in the USA, in 1963. She questions him about the situation of women at the Bauhaus and accuses him of not having kept his promise of equal rights. In order to justify himself, Gropius begins to tell the story, from the founding of the State Bauhaus in Weimar in 1919 to its forced move to Dessau in 1925.

Series The New Era
The New Era: Walter Gropius (August Diehl) and Dörte Helm (Anna Maria Mühe). Credit: ZDF / Anke Neugebauer

At the center of his story is the student Dörte Helm (Anna Maria Mühe)who wants to throw off the shackles of her conservative family and devote herself entirely to life as an artist and activist. In the midst of the turbulent first years of the Bauhaus and the political unrest of the Weimar Republic, Gropius and Helm become closer.

The series not only tells about the masters and students of the Bauhaus. It also always tells of the exciting new art that was created or further developed there: Breuer's furniture, Stölzl's weavings, Itten's color circles, Schlemmer's pictorial worlds and the performances of his Triadic Ballet, Moholy-Nagy's photograms - they are the secret stars of the series.

For production:

On the set of Die Neue Zeit at MMC Studio 41
On the set of Die Neue Zeit at MMC Studio 41: The last party in the Audimax. Credit: ZDF / TOM TRAMBOW

"Die neue Zeit" is a zero one film production in co-production with ZDF/Arte, Constantin Television and Nadcon Film. Filmstiftung NRW funded the development and production of the series with 1.15 million euros. Additional funding came from the MBB, MDM, MFG and the German Motion Picture Fund.

Filming for the TV series took place in NRW at MMC Studios in Cologne, Wuppertal and Remscheid, among other locations. At MMC Studio 41 the scenes were created that are shown in the Audimax and play in the school's artist studio.

Beta Film takes over world distribution.

Cover photo: "Die Neue Zeit" campaign motif: Anna Maria Mühe as Dörte Helm and August Diehl as Walter Gropius. Credit: ZDF / Mathias Bothor

Photo 1: Walter Gropius (August Diehl) and Dörte Helm (Anna Maria Mühe). Credit: ZDF / Anke Neugebauer

Photo 2: Working photo (shooting day 58) from MMC Studio 41: The last celebration in the Audimax. Credit: ZDF / TOM TRAMBOW