Mega atmosphere at the "Unter uns" fan meeting at MMC Studios

Over 350 fans celebrated the 25th anniversary of the TV series with all their favorite stars at MMC Studios on August 12, 2019. The fans were also able to admire the newly designed outdoor set for the first time.

On the occasion of the anniversary this year were also numerous former starsSome of them came back to the set in Cologne-Ossendorf for the first time in decades. For many fans of the first hour it was the highlight of the day to be able to talk to their favorite stars from the past and to take photos - because back then there were no fan meetings!

The Star choice of the official fan club provided numerous surprises at the top positions: The up-and-comers of the year are Sharon Berlinghoff, Jens Hajek, Patrick Müller and Mariella Simon.

Sharon Berlinghoff (played by Vivien Köhler), who joined the series in July 2018, immediately takes the lead as the Best Actress.

Patrick Müller and Sharon Berlinghoff win in the star vote
Patrick Müller and Sharon Berlinghoff win in the star vote. Credit: TVNOW / Rosa Pelzer

She also wins the Best Role award and is in second place in the Sexiest Woman category.

Best Actor becomes Patrick miller (reel Tobias Lassner), which, coming from No. 4, breaks into the top spot for the first time, mainly because of its recent stroke story.

Jens Hajek placed in the top 3 in all major male categories: 2nd place for Best Actor and Best Role, 3rd place for Sexiest Man.

Mariella Simon leads the Best Supporting Actor ranking for the first time, while Valea Scalabrino successfully defended her top position as "Sexiest Woman". Valea wins this trophy for the 5th time (with interruptions) since 2012.

The top 3 most important categories at a glance:

Best Actress (Current Main Cast)
Place 1: Sharon Berlinghoff (29.15 %, new)
2nd place: Antonia Michalsky (21.42 %, previous year: 1st place)
3rd place: Valea Scalabrino (15.92 %, previous year: 2nd place)

Best Actor (Current Main Cast)
1st place: Patrick Müller (33.38 %, previous year: 4th place)
2nd place: Jens Hajek (12.30 %, previous year: 7th place)
3rd place: Timothy Boldt (12.28 %, previous year: 1st place)

Best Supporting Actor
1st place: Mariella Simon, role Lotta Sturm (40.83 %, previous year: 2nd place)
2nd place: Ramon Ademes, role Roger Schmitz (40.10 %, previous year: 1st place)
3rd place: Lena Klöber, role Sarah Fuchs (10.99 %, previous year: 4th place)

Sexiest Among Us Woman
1st place: Valea Scalabrino (30.72 %, previous year: 1st place)
2nd place: Sharon Berlinghoff (24.86 %, new)
3rd place: Antonia Michalsky (20.73 %, previous year: 3rd place)

Sexiest Among Us Man
1st place: Alexander Milo (30.22 %, previous year: 1st place)
2nd place: Timothy Boldt (13.89 %, previous year: 2nd place)
3rd place: Jens Hajek (10.21 %, previous year: 8th place)

Best role (w)
Place 1: Vivien Köhler (24.14 %, new)
2nd place: Eva Wagner (16.39 %, previous year: 2nd place)
3rd place: Saskia Huber (16.09 %, previous year: 1st place)

Best roll (m)
1st place: Tobias Lassner (37.06 %, previous year: 3rd place)
2nd place: Benedikt Huber (12.50 %, previous year: 6th place)
3rd place: Jakob Huber (12.47 %, previous year: 4th place)

Most beautiful location
Place 1: Roof Terrace 39.62 %
Place 2: Roof WG 36.21 %
Rank 3: Schiller 8.23 %

Best story
Rank 1: Tobias' stroke and its consequences (40.74 %)
Place 2: Marc Reichert kidnaps Jacob and the consequences/the trial (21.14 %)
Rank 3: Forbidden Love: Eva and Stepson Conor (18.27 %)

The Starwahl winners were awarded with a trophy and/or certificate. This year a total of 41,731 users voted in the election, and thus 4,841 more than last year.

At the Raffle & Auction and from other donations came to a total of 5,924.21 euros for good causes* and thus more than ever before together. The highest bids: €2,100 for an evening of bowling with Jens Hajek, Sharon Berlinghoff, Antonia Michalsky and Yannik Meyer; €700 for a visit to the set to watch the filming; €210 for a styling session in the UU mask and €205 for a night as a bouncer alongside Ramon Ademes, who does this full-time, and €200 for a visit to the Karl May Festival in Elspe with Kai Noll, who plays Old Shatterhand there.

Fans were also able to admire for the first time the redesigned outdoor set, the so-called "Mall," which was renovated during the "Unter uns" summer break.

The so-called "Demolition house" was demolished - what function the new buildings which has now been erected in its place, will be unveiled at a later date.

More Outdoor backdrops are brand new added (Weigel PR & Marketing), others like the Beach, Huber construction and the Pastry shop Weigel were modernized.

Photo gallery: New "Among us" outdoor set

Organized was the 16th fan meeting as every year from the Official Unter uns Fan Club and the team around fan club leader Sebastian Hiedels. The event was hosted by Jens Hajek (aka series villain Benedikt Huber). There were also musical performances by Ramon Ademes, Sharon Berlinghoff with Yannik Meyer.

* The total donation of 5,924.21 euros goes to the following institutions: Bundesverband Kinderhospiz e.V., Stiftung Deutsche Schlaganfall-Hilfe, Philip Julius e.V. and Kölsche Kraat Hilft e.V.

Cover photo: Group photo Cast 2019. Credit: TVNOW / Rosa Pelzer